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Hi, my name is Wihan. I am the current COO and representative of DiamondMine. We Believe in helping the little guys with Videos, Thumbnails and Tags. Our Goal is to get our partners successful on YouTube. We have a 24/7 Support Team ready to answer Questions and Tickets. We also have a Talent Team to help with Video ideas and Thumbnails. All of our staff has been in the YouTube community; We all have had times to Learn and to Grow from our Channels.

What we offer you?
  • 90% Revenue Share - You receive a 90% revenue share within our network.
  • Graphics & Web Design - We have paid staff to help you with your graphics and web design!
  • Support - Our team is dedicated to support all of our partners 24/7. We're always available via,, Skype, Email, and Twitter.
  • Talent Team: Ready to help with Video ideas or Even thumbnails. We'll even help you with Editing your videos.
  • Sponsorship's - We have lots of sponsorship's for our partners and we are always looking for more!
  • Custom Email - Get your own @diamondmine.co email adress.
  • One-on-One - One time during the month a team member talk with you. He will help you with Tags, Thumbnails and New strategies to grow your channel.
  • TheMine- This is our custom dashboard that is currently in beta, and all partners will receive access to the beta dashboard. All partners that participate in the beta, will receive a bage that says "Beta" by their name on their profile in our dashboard.
  • Growth Optimization- We have a Trained Staff ready to help take your channel to the next level with Views and Subs

  • No copyright
  • YouTube Channel is Also Active
  • Decent Quality, Video & Audio
How To Partner:You can be a partner by clicking on the link and Filling out the Form.

Ways to Contact Us:
support@diamondmine.co OR

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