Daily Upload for Thursday, August 22nd, 2013


Check out my first Injustice Commentary!! Leave some tips and suggestions on future videos!
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Hitman Absolution Part 4- [video=youtube_share;Y3pyV2-HWgs]http://youtu.be/Y3pyV2-HWgs[/video]

Grand Theft Auto- Part 3- [video=youtube_share;7ZEKNcHarOU]http://youtu.be/7ZEKNcHarOU[/video]
Here is my upload for today. It does not have a commentary with it. Thanks for the support.


Back with more solo Payday 2!

This time we attempt Contract: Four Stores..
In this episode we learn:

Drills still take ages
Some shops don't actually have a lot of money
People don't like it when you jump through windows
Police generally like to stand in the open when being shot at
And Dallas is so calm and relaxed he will lean against a wall and smoke while a fire fight rages on around him


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