Daily Upload for Saturday, August 15th, 2015

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Time to clean out the rest of the dungeon and then start preparing to fight the next boss, Wall of Flesh! It's always fun in Terraria!

Hope you enjoy the video and if you do, make sure to check out other let's play series on my channel, it's all fun and games!


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Probably the best game I've ever played....



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What's better than doing one Let's Play?
Doing two!

So while I do Let's Play of Seiken Densetsu 3, I will also do a Let's Play of Pokemon Blue!

And here is part 1:

I hope to upload one new part of Pokemon Blue every day at around 12:00 CET, so part 2 comes tomorrow!


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DEATH MONTAGE & 10/20 | Five nights at freddy's
All my funny deaths in 1 montage and finishing fnaf2 with 10/20 cannot get better then this.

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