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Anyone plays or follows Crowfall? It's a medieval MMORPG in development by J Todd Coleman (Shadowbane, Wizard101, Pirate101) and Gordon Walton (Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Sims Online). They have amassed more than $37M and 360,000 users registered an account so far. The game puts emphasis on PvP, with sieges, GvG, faction vs. faction, etc. Crowfall features interesting lore, city building, complex crafting, structure destruction, procedurally generated maps, temporary campaigns, quests from the gods, and more.

Beta is expected to begin this year and everyone can participate with a free account.



Hmmm looks quite interesting. Game looks pretty good thinking i'll have to try it out here thanks for the share!


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Yea I also think that the game looks good in this trailer (in-game they should probably add post-processing effects).

Lot of improvements in CF since Closed Beta started, including the passive training that is gone (now players progress through item-based mechanics), domains were implemented, attributes and disciplines got tweaked, caravans, mounts and refineries were added and they optimized the Unity engine so performances got better (still some work to be done).

Gruesome elements are still there : necromancy, grave digging, decapathons, etc.

Here's a nice write up about the author's experience in the Closed Beta.


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