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I just added a new homepage article management system to the site that will showcase gaming news, guides, reviews and youtube related content.

If you have 25+ posts on the site, you should be in the Registered+ usergroup, unless you've been promoted to another staff position. If you fit those positions, you are eligible to contribute articles via a Create Article button on the Homepage.

Please note, that only articles well written and put together will be approved.

No copying and pasting other articles on other sites. You can use the facts from developers and news, but you must write the article yourself.

Spelling, facts, and appropriate images must be excellent.

You are allowed to include videos in articles, as long as they relate to the article that you are writing and that there are more than 2 paragraphs of words to go along with the video.

This is not a way to showcase new videos. The only videos I can see being used are videos being mentioned in guides, reviews or news articles. However, we will review any other video related articles and let you know whether its allowed or not.
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i submitted but doubt its well enough written for purpose :| well if its goes up its goes up, its just something i knocked together in 10 mins really lol.