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Hello my fellow companions my YT name is MrRevelation. I'm a small gaming youtuber looking to collaborate with other youtubers and hopefully make new friends. This thread is for people who want to collaborate and also for people looking to connect with other content creators and maybe even make new friends. It's really hard being a smaller content creator so having the support of other people, especially other content creators with similar goals can really keep people motivated and can hopefully help them grow their channel! So please feel free to reach out to me, even if we don't collaborate maybe we can all exchange ideas and grow as a small youtube community. My Twitter is MrRevelatioon and my youtube channel is MrRevelation ALSO my gamer tags are MrRevelati0n on xbox and MrRevelatioon on ps4 so feel free to add me and lets grow as content creators! :)


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whats up man! been looking for people to potentially collab with in order to be able to properly start my channel so i can make quality videos! my xbox name is NMGK Nitro man!


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