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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic' started by thuigi, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. thuigi

    thuigi New Member

    So, Over the past few months or so id say ive been being click baited way more then usual which is kinda crazy as well as the wierd live streams like"Lazy town but everytime we are number one is said it speeds up'' type stuff idk if its just my youtube or the gaming side of youtube in general but does anyone else have this issue?
  2. GameOverViper

    GameOverViper Administrator Staff Member Damn Admin

    I'm a little lost on what you're talking about, but click bait has gotten worse and worse over the past year. It works to get people to click on your videos, but if its not entertaining or worth watching, people won't stick around to watch the video the entire length.
  3. Aryssa6

    Aryssa6 New Member

    I mean well, it became a normal thing on Youtube, theres a few youtubers who I never seen do clickbait but yet they get a lot of views and subs, it does prove that you can do it without clickbait
  4. AlAlpha

    AlAlpha New Member

    I think its mainly being influenced by the bigger youtubers and its rubbing off the smaller ones which is probably why we're seeing it everywhere..
  5. TonnaFars

    TonnaFars New Member

    It just goes to show that people don't really care about clickbaiting if your content is good enough. But I don't really see a reason to do that, that stuff is way old and everyone's tired of it - there is no future in it so why start practicing it. Plenty of youtubers don't use it and I've seen quite a few guys with interesting honest titles win against clickbait titles with similar content.

    Also if I see a video that I don't like, usually I'd just leave. But if I got clickbaited and didn't like the content - I make sure to dislike.

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