Choosing a Network For Your Channel

So due to the sudden rush of YouTubers wanting to acquire a Partnership to be able to obtain the privilege of earning revenue off of their content, alongside all of the other current fancy partner tools you get, I decided to create this thread to explain how you can obtain a YouTube Partnership. Also in this thread, I am going to be explaining and listing the most stable networks you should go with, and I will also be highlighting their pros and cons. Bare in mind, Partnership is an absolutely wonderful thing to have if you're a YouTuber. Once you have obtained your partnership, you are technically your own boss. What you make is upto you, how much work you put into your channel is upto you, the possibilities are endless! With that said, I have wrote this thread purely to help you, as a user/content creator. I must stress that this is strictly my opinion from personal experiences/conversations/research, and the list goes on. Anyways, you're probably wondering why you should take my word/advice for this sorta' stuff. Well, I work full-time in the networking industry for the (proven fact) fastest growing network on YouTube of all time. We as a company have broken limits, so there is no reason, with the right advice, you guys can't either.

Before I get started, here are some points/definitions I must list before you start reading/deciding. It'll generally make your life a lot easier in the long run.

  • CPM - Your CPM is the amount of money you will generate per 1000 monetized views on your videos.
  • Non lock in - When I say a non lock in contract, what I mean is you can leave whenever you like, and you are not tied into staying with the network. A lot of people get confused by this.
  • SocialBlade - SocialBlade is a site where you can see how many views you are gaining per day, aswell as Subscribers. A lot of network recruiters/application pages will require this link, so simply send them [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
  • Network Pay Structure - All YouTube Partnership Networks pay in the pattern of one month behind. Meaning, you will get paid for January's views, in March, for example. This works out that payments will be made once per month, although the first one takes pretty much two months.
So to get started, I am going to outline some basic thresholds you must meet in order to become a YouTube partner. Bare in mind, these are the basics. Class these as a starting point for you to even stand a chance at becoming a YouTube Partner.

  • A sustainable amount of videos. I would say at least aim to have around 15 public videos.
  • No copyright at all, this applies for both Audio and Visuals. (Sound and Video)
  • Have your channel at least around 2 weeks old as an absolute minimum.
  • Have a stable amount of Subscribers, even if it's only 100. (Feedback is key)
There are quite a few popular and stable YouTube Networks of which you should partner with. I am here to give you my absolute honest opinion on each network as an individual company, to give you guys the best knowledge on what you could potentially be signing upto and/or tying yourself into. This list is in no particular order of what I feel is the more 'prestigious' network than the other, so please don't get the wrong idea. Also, this list of networks require a little higher thresholds than SocialBlade/RPM for example. These are the most stable/prestigious networks on YouTube who I would personally recommend you signing with.

Machinima Network


Machinima is definitely one of thee most talked about YouTube Networks of all time, without a doubt. Know why? Because aside from YouTube themselves, Machinima were the first ever company which issued partnerships through a 'Network' and allowed Content Creators to rightfully monetize their content through Machinima. Alongside that awesome point, Machinima also maintain some of the biggest channels on YouTube under their network as partners. These being people such-as: TheSyndicateProject, SeaNanners, Tejbz, and the list goes on.

Network Partnership Requirements:

There are no set requirements set in stone for a Machinima Partnership. Just use your common sense, would Machinima accept you? Are you Machinima worthy? Do you gain a lot of video views and post HQ content? Have you been doing YouTube for quite some time? Just things like that. If you feel you have what it takes, and you like the sound of their contract, then why not see if you're eligible to join?


I recently had an overview of a Machinima contract myself, and I was completely put off. The fact I was going to be locked in for THREE whole years made me not want to sign with these guys at all. That contract is simply too long of a period of time to be tied into, especially for a partnership/deal of this nature. Machinima's contract is also a very lengthy process. They require for you to print out contracts, scan them back in, sign multiple Google Document forms, and also sign forms such as the "W8". Machinima also have a pretty lengthy time-to-wait for their partnerships, averaging 2 weeks for you to actually receive the Partnership invite, AFTER filling in all the forms/contracts which takes a few days upto a week to say the least. Also, if you're looking for Support/Growth, although they have pretty big Network channels (ie: MachinimaRespawn), Machinima probably isn't the network for you. I say this because it's next to impossible to be able to get your content up-on their channels, and it's almost impossible to acquire support from a Machinima Representative/Employee.


"Machinima is so amazing due to their $2 capped payout plan to all parters." Wrong.
You will only be offered a $2 capped payment CPM contract (Revenue per 1000 monetized views) if you are a large enough channel for Machinima to be able to benefit off of you and your content. If you are not a huge YouTube channel then they will simply put you on an uncapped CPM, which you will only receive about 30% of. Even to obtain this bad-paying, sour lock-in contract, you will have to be posting great videos, and acquire a ton of views and have at least around 2000+ stable subscribers averaging around 2000-3000 views per video. That is just the most basic of starting points for Machinima.

"How do I join Machinima?" - Here's how:

Once you feel you meet their Network Criteria/Requirements, simply email ken.burton @ - Title the Subject as "PARTNER", and within the email, just link him your YouTube channel name, your Socialblade link ( and last but not least, a screenshot of your YouTube Account Settings to show if you have copyright strikes or not. Give it around 3-4 days, and Ken will email you back regarding whether you have been accepted into their network, or whether you have been rejected into their network, and he will also send you the contracts/forms to complete if you have been accepted.

TGN Network


TGN - The 'Family'. TGN is well-known for it's focus on helping you, as a partner/content creator. Straight off the bat, one thing I can assure you is that if you partner with the TGN Network, you are guaranteed promotion, the best partner support I have personally ever seen, and a family/community like nowhere else within the Networking and YouTubing industry. TGN was a multi-focused network which branched out into many different genres of video content. Ranging from Gaming, to Gardening, to even Cooking, and the list goes on... Although, TGN is now only focused on GAMING. That's right, TGN is now only a Gaming Focused network. Do not despair, though! You don't have to be a gamer to partner with TGN. What they mean by a "Gaming Focused" network is that the content posted onto their Network Channels will only be games from here onwards. Also, their main website and forum themes will all be branded with that gaming attribute implemented within them to just "ice" off that gaming/family feel, all around the network! If you are looking for a network to give you a kick-start when you're a small channel, or even give you the king of the throne when you're a big channel, TGN is the network for you. With the ability to post your best videos onto their Network channels (with subscribers upto 170K!!!) with ease, what's not to love? Also, as I said, the support is amazing. Staff are online on Skype and constantly checking Emails pretty much 24/7. The Forums are heavily moderated, and it's generally a nice network to be apart of, if you ask me personally. Also, as an extra note which plays quite a big role when it comes to networking, TGN are known so well for their exceptionally fast Partnership Email arrival times, known to arrive as little as 2 minutes after you have signed their contract!

Network Partnership Requirements:

  • At least 15 public videos
  • No copyright content (Audio and Visual)
  • Your channel must be older than 30 days
  • You must gain 1000 or more views per day according to SocialBlade.


Hands down, this is thee best contract I have ever read/signed. To start this off, there is NO lock-in. Yes, you read that correctly. You can LEAVE TGN whenever you like, without question. With that awesome feature aside, you also earn ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the revenue YOU generate off of your monetized videos! That's right! No cuts are taken at all. How? TGN is financially backed by a company named BroadbandTV. BroadbandTV fund TGN Staff Salaries and Payments, so there is absolutely no reason for the partner not to be earning 100% of what they rightfully earn. The contract its self is straight forward. It's simply a matter of signing one eSign page on your computer web-browser, and you're done! Wow...


I love TGN's payout plan. For one, there is no set-cap CPM on the revenue you can earn per one thousand monetized views. If you're worried, don't be. CPM barely changes. Class it just like the Machinima no set-cap payout plan, except with TGN, you're getting 100% of what you generate, not just 30% of what you generate which is what you'd be paid at Machinima if you wasn't on their $2 CPM plan! I have personally seen CPMs from TGN, upto the $5 mark. On average, it is around $3-4. The highest ever recorded CPM was $12 at TGN.

"How do I join TGN?" - Here's how:

Joining TGN is quick, and easy (if you meet their requirements). Simply contact a recruiter from the TGN Recruiters page located [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , or simply Apply on their website! The application page is located [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . Quick, easily, and reliable.

DownrightTV Network


Ran by TheTechGame's Administrator, SewerWaste, DownrightTV network is one of the most stable, yet well-paying YouTube networks in this industry right now. It's rare to come across a 'newish' network ran by such professional individuals, with such high potential. Usually, without a doubt, I wouldn't even recommend for you guys to join these smaller networks, although this one is different. Lets get into more depth...

Network Partnership Requirements:

There are none! If they see you fit to become a partner, you are eligible. It's as simple as that. I know for a fact from talking with my friend (and also the CEO of this network), SewerWaste, that they are more than willing to take on smaller channels as long as they are committed and create great videos on a fairly consistent basis.


No lock in, yes, NO LOCK IN. Within 90 days of signing our partnership contract, you may ask to terminate the contract and you will no longer be with DownRightTV. The thing I love about this, is the fact they give you a 'taster' period, yet you're still a respected partner of the network with all of their full partnership features, and also a ton of 3rd party perks, in my opinion, this is the place to be.


DownrightTV's payment pattern is pretty neat in my honest opinion. Their average rock-bottom CPM is around $3, yet they have seen average CPMs of upto $10 TEN DOLLARS! And remember, this is just on average; you could easily exceed this!

DownrightTV will pay you 80% of the revenue you generate, from Google directly. Currently, no other network offers this high of a payment structure unless they deem you worthy for a custom contract.

"How do I join DownrightTV network?" - Here's how:

It's simple. Head over to [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] and fill in all of the required fields with 100% legitimate information.

Upon their decision on whether they deem you worthy or not, you shall be contacted once they have reviewed your application via email.

Curse Network


Curse Network isn't actually very talked about by your day to day average YouTube Networker. Infact, you've probably never heard of them. Curse is a stable network, with quite a high paying contract if you're eligible for it. Curse, I'd say, requires the most work to actually sign with. Their requirements are high, and I'm just going to be straight up about Curse, they have their pros and cons. Their support is terrible, you have to rely on crappy ol' email for replies, and it just isn't very satisfying for the partner. They also don't promote you, and if you do, you're one lucky human being. Another point I do not like is the fact that you are kept in the dark. With Curse, it seems STRICTLY business and money. That's just my personal opinion.

Network Partnership Requirements:

  • 20+ High Quality Videos
  • No copyright content (Audio and Visual)
  • Your channel must be older than 30 days
  • You must have at least 5000 subscribers
  • Your subscribers must be active. If your views to subscriber ratio doesn't mount up realistically, then Curse is out of the window for you.


Curse has a non lock in contract which (I believe) you sign just from your web browser. No printing, scanning, or any of that hassle. Curse's parent company is RPM/MakerStudios, meaning they are not an ACTUAL official network, they are just a Content Aggregation under the company RPM/MakerStudios. Do not let this worry you when signing with Curse though, they are generally a stable, well paying network, when it comes to finances.


I am recommending Curse network for you to consider partnering with because of their $3 capped CPM number. You will earn $3 for 1000 monetized views with the Curse network, no questions asked. I believe this is the only contract they currently offer, and will be offering for a very, very long time.

"How do I join Curse?" - Here's how:

Simply compose an email to their Partnership Manager, Dalaena Phillips. Here is her email address: youtube @
Likewise, when emailing Curse, be sure to include the basic important info which networks require, just like I said for Machinima for example. You're going to want to include your YouTube channel name, your Socialblade link ( and last but not least, a screenshot of your YouTube Account Settings to show if you have copyright strikes or not. You can expect a reply back from Curse in around 2-3 days.
SocialBlade Network


For a starter partnership, SocialBlade is great. My only (big) worry is the fact they do not have their deals finalized with all major gaming publishers, thus resulting in you not being able to post Gameplay WITHOUT Commentary. This also applies to Edits, Montages, and all of that stuff. You must commentate your gameplay, otherwise you lose your partnership. It's as simple as that, sadly. Otherwise, SocialBlade would be thee premiere YouTube Network for smaller channels. Sadly, as of right now, if you're a small channel, this is the best you're going to get. With SocialBlade's 1 year lock in contract, I'd recommend starting out with these guys if you're an aspiring, upcoming Gaming Commentatorwithin the YouTubing Industry, who's looking for a long-term kickstart. As I said, I'd recommend starting out with SocialBlade, build a small fan-base, and then move onto the more 'serious', well paying networks which I listed above, in the future. The partnership support for SocialBlade is not the best. What can you expect? With a network partnering at such low views per day, doesn't this portray the fact they just want money, honestly? Once you're partnered, you're pretty much left to your own accord. One thing I do like about SocialBlade is the fact they *try* to promote their partners on a daily basis. Take a look at SocialBlade's [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , for example. You can just see the amount of partner spotlight videos. But, bare in mind: This has it's downsides. The main network channel is clogged up with rubbish, partner spotlights, and overall crap content. They have a ton of inactive network channels which you'll pretty much never get your content uploaded onto to. Even if you did, it'd gain you nothing at all. One thing I DO like about SocialBlade is the fact you can move up the ranks and sign contracts with higher Content Aggregation under the RPM/MakerStudios Network. Meaning, once you gain a lot of views/subcribers from being partnered with SocialBlade, you will later be offered a contract for Content Aggregators under RPM/MakerStudios for TheGameStationNetwork for example. Oh, did I forget to mention? SocialBlade is also only a Content Aggregation under RPM/MakerStudios, meaning they are not an actual official company. Although, they are pretty stable for what they are.

Network Partnership Requirements:

  • At least 10 public videos
  • No copyright content (Audio and Visual)
  • No gameplay without commentary, all gaming videos must be with commentary!
  • You must gain 80 or more views per day according to SocialBlade's YouTube Stats tool.


SocialBlade has a 1 year lock in contract. This means you can't leave whenever you simply feel like it. Also, SocialBlade's contract is pretty straightforward. Realistically, it's just a case of signing a web-page based document, and you're good to go.


I believe SocialBlade pays you 50% of your revenue which you earned, which is pretty bad if you ask me. SocialBlade also have pretty low AD buys placed on their partners' videos, meaning you wont really get a lot at all, yet alone make a career out of this. Although, if you just want to get familiar with YouTube Partner Tools, and receiving money, but you don't meet the requirements for a more 'proper' network, go ahead and try out SocialBlade!

"How do I join SocialBlade?" - Here's how:

Firstly, head over to [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] (Replace YourNameHere with your YouTube channel name) and then scroll down until you see how many views you are gaining per day on average (easy to find). Then, next to all of your stats, if you meet SocialBlade's partnership requirements you should see a gold button with black text saying "Apply for Partner". This means you meet all of their requirements, but they are yet to check your copyright status which means you could still be declined if you have copyrighted content and/or music on your channel.

Why I haven't listed them:

Now don't worry, I understand I haven't listed all of the larger networks, for example: Yeousch, IGN, etc etc. Why? Because they are just pretty much offering the same contracts as I listed above, but with lock-ins and worse payout percentages. So what is the point in listing them? There isn't a point. If you haven't thoroughly read this thread and you have just skipped to this part, then you wouldn't be aware that I have actually typed about TheGameStation A.K.A TGS. TGS is basically an extension contract for all current RPM/MakerStudios partners. If you reach their eligibility to for a higher paying contract, they will personally outreach to you. An example of a higher paying contract from RPM/MakerStudios is, as I have said, TheGameStation. Although, to sign straight into TheGameStation Network without surpassing through a smaller RPM/MakerStudios network first, your channel must be pretty huge. Aim for Machinima requirements if you're looking to sign with TGS right off the bat. As I stated this thread is based strictly from personal experience and from my own opinions, I am not telling you to never sign with Yeousch, or IGN, or any other network. I am just recommending for you not to. The reason I didn't review them properly on this thread is due to the fact that I'd be wasting both my time and your time as they only offer worst contracts than I listed, but look for roughly the same requirements as TGN and Machinima's uncapped CPM lock in contract. So my point is, why would you choose a network which offers less for your hard work? You wouldn't. (At least I wouldn't)

So let's face it, acquiring your own YouTube Partnership is something to be pretty darn proud of, if you ask me. "Why?", you may ask. Because you're your own boss. No matter how small your channel is at this moment in time, you have the ability to expand and grow. By doing this, you could also create a nice bit of beer money, we all love beer. Or, you could even make this your job! As I stated at the top of this thread, the possibilities are endless with a YouTube Partnership. It's what you make out of it, and that's the beauty of this wonderful industry. YouTube is the future of jobs, that's a fact and I can assure you that. Hundreds more people, every single day, give up their jobs to become full-time content creators on YouTube. I must stress, you must put everything, including your damn heart and soul into this to be able to achieve that milestone to be able to go full-time, though. Although believe me, it's possible.


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