Can the elagato game capture card fix my 2k 17 sound issue?


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What sound issue are you having? And are you asking because you don't own an elgato and are thinking of getting one?


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When streaming or saving 2k17 files there's no sound at all. So I wanted to know if the Elgato will fix that? And yes I'm thinking buying one but I just don't know all the specs. It's a lot of money and I can still stream other games so I want to know if it's worth it? How would it make my gaming experience better?


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Are you streaming on PC or xbox/pS4? Which program are you using while streaming right now? Currently, when I stream on PS4 I do use the elgato gaming card HD it's amazing records with clear sound and picture. Streaming on PC, I use OBS and a yeti mic


It has to do with the protected HDCP. I've had simular problems and you can fix them in the audio output settings. Don't remember the exact setting but its there somewhere.


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