Blue Snowball ICE mic: worth it?

Discussion in 'Game Capture Devices & Programs' started by ItsVeebee, May 20, 2016.

  1. ItsVeebee

    ItsVeebee New Member

    Obviously a lot of youtubers either just start out on youtube with the blue snowball mic or actually continue using it their entire Youtube career. But i was wondering if it really is worth the price tag? Anyone here have experience with it?

    Thanks, ItsVeebee
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  2. Quatec

    Quatec Member


    I'm a Snowball owner and I have had several problems with it. Bear in mind, it is a great microphone but with my experience it is balanced between benefits and disadvantages.

    *Built in shield, in case you spit in the microphone whilst recording it covers it.
    *Great quality build
    *Great quality in audio
    *Has its own stand (if you don't have your own [Stand however is low to decent quality])

    *Red light on the front, constantly on even when you're not talking to your friends, so it's either distracting or if you record with webcamera, may conflict quality.
    *Stand is not at a great quality, though at least it comes with the microphone.
    *Unable to add attachments such as a shock mount.
    *Wire (that comes with it) constantly falls out. Probably a personal issue on my end.

    So what will I recommend?

    I would recommend waiting to save up for, or if you already have the money, to get an MXL 770 condenser microphone. Can find it here:

    Why? It produces high quality and is able to destroy all of the disadvantages I have made with the Blue Snowball. HOWEVER, it also needs phantom power for it to work well.

    What you will need?
    XLR to XLR plug cable:
    Power supply for Microphone:

    Totalling at around approximately £85/123.30$

    In conclusion, no, the Snowball is not worth it, and I regret being a buyer of the product.
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  3. ItsVeebee

    ItsVeebee New Member

    Damn you went pretty in-depth, thanks for the advice!
    Will definitely consider everything you mentioned.
  4. Quatec

    Quatec Member

    I'm a fast typer and I can pretty much post my thoughts quickly as well as solutions and other alternatives that should be introduced, such as that microphone that seems to do well that I suggested instead of the Snowball.

    I mean, if I can do all that, why not go in depth? :D
  5. ChickenKrispy

    ChickenKrispy Active Member

    I would skip the iCE model and go straight for the Blue Snowball. That being said, there are dozens of fantastic mics out there to start out with. Until you can afford to go with an even higher quality option.

    I have the Blue Snowball myself and it's fantastic. Together with Audacity, I'm very happy with the quality I can achieve. However, if I could do it all again I would have invested more. I believe investing in a high end mic would be money well spent.
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  6. GrinningLantern

    GrinningLantern New Member

    I skipped the iCE and went straight for the Snowball and I absolutely love it! I would definitely get a better stand for it but overall it's a great mic with different settings and some very decent sound quality. Not too bad for it's price and it comes in all kinds of cool colors! XD
  7. raidan

    raidan New Member

    Blue snowball all the way, I was on the edge like you about it being worth the spending but after having it for a while i'd say its definitely worth the buck.
    The annoying red light may be distracting but you can just cover it up with tape.
    There is no way to attach any puff filter onto the mic tho so that is a disadvantage i'm dealing with currently. But a way that i deal with it is by covering the mic with a sock lol (unused of course).

    "If it looks stupid stupid but it works it ain't stupid." - Anonymous

    Here is a video which proves that it actually works.(not mine):
  8. GaryTheDexter

    GaryTheDexter New Member

    Blue Snowball Ice is a good microphone i have one its worth it :)
  9. Rakunio

    Rakunio Member

    Usually when the Yeti goes on sale (lost track of how often BLUE does this) it's worth the discount for a budget situation on Amazon.
  10. HardcorE

    HardcorE New Member

    Going from a set of TurtleBeach x1 to the Blue Snowball had a tremendous effect for the better.

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