Best software for thumbnails?

Fireteam Brosiris

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I've been using Gimp which is pretty similar to paint, it's free software and pretty user friendly. Not as good as photoshop but if it's just for thumbnails you will be fine


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All depends on your skill level really. From my personal experience I think Photoshop is by far the best but I also know that many other people find software like GIMP to be great as well :D If youre struggling to get a copy of Photoshop id try that :D

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I use canva. It's free but not the best. I'm actually looking for something bettter
There are tons of free apps and site you can use. I have never used Photoshop and i am a Photoshop user with certain things. Since i started my channel i have used several different free sites. the one i am using currently is
There is also a free app for iOS and android as well as a free desktop download for windows and MAC.

another one i have used is

i think these 2 are the best free options at the moment. this way you wont have to pay for a photoshop license or anything if your low on funds.


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