Best Editing Software for Gaming Videos!

Nerk Games

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Hey there everyone!

So I'm looking into getting some more advanced editing software from the on I have at the moment, I'm currently using Lightworks (which isn't the greatest) and was wondering what would be cheap and decent editing software for gaming videos. I am looking in other places I just want to have you're opinions as well before I go and buy! :)

Thanks for reading guys! :)


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I think it would be helpful if you could say what your current problem is with Lightworks. What is currently lacking that could give your videos a better value. I think that would help with giving you a better opinion on the matter. (e.g. slow workflow, simple animation, ...)


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Personally I use Sony Veags pro 13, it gets the job done and it's pretty user friendly so figuring it out and learning the program doesn't take too long


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Premiere CC is my program. Either that or Camtasia which I use mainly for emulator recordings. But when editing Wii U or ps3 footage I'll use Premiere. Its about $20 a month to rent on the Creative Cloud, Camtasia is offered on Steam on a monthly basis and I think is $15 a month.

Kenn CS

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Sony Vegas Pro 13 if you aren't doing any more than splitting, adding a facecam, and other basic stuff like that. But if you are looking for 3D effects I would say After Effects CC 2015. Hope I helped.


Premiere Pro, may be a bit simpler to understand vs AE(After Effects) because AE is leaning more towards 3D related work and links together in a similar way with AE's render options anyways.


Premiere on PC/MAC or Final Cut Pro if you have a mac


I use Movavi as a cheaper alternative to other editing software. And as a gaming channel I have everything I need in this. Also I love how easy and intuitive it is.

BPD Games

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I use Blender, which is free. It's also a 3d graphics program though, so it probably isn't for everybody, but it does what I ask it to do.