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Discussion in 'Collaborate With Others' started by AreYouGaming, Sep 22, 2017.

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    I have been kicking the idea of doing something like this around for a little while now, and I think that I would be interested in starting with some people from some of the communities that I am a part of. The idea is about a half an hour interview with each person and I will edit together a video containing things that will work with what we are talking about, or if you would like to show your face, we could always do a show with cams and everything as well. This is going to be strictly for smaller channels to try to get their names out there and to help people connect with other people out there that may be the same, or that may want to collab or something with them as well. It will be an interview format which means that I will be asking questions that would be typical of things like that, and then we can kind of shoot the shit, so to speak, and just talk about anything that you would be interested in. I think this could be an awesome series, and in the process I will get to meet a lot more of you amazing people out there, so whattya say? Want people to know who is really Behind the Keyboard?
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    I think this is a pretty cool idea:) I know I'm not a small channel as you stated you were looking for, but I'd be down for it. I'm new to the forums so I can't post any links or emails yet, but if you just search Revile2nr on youtube you can find me and in the "about" section on my channel you can find my email address which is the best way to contact me.
    Hope to talk to you soon:)

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