Are you partnered or not ?

Are you partnered ?

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  • no

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At this point I am not partnered. TGN asked me twice to join them, but I did some research and found out they are a very bad network. I am not sure if I should join a network, because I am not sure if they will help me grow. If I ever want to join a network I would go for Curse, they don't have a lock-in contract and they only take 10% of your earnings.
I'm partnered with freedom ! and for me it really is a good network ! They have a forum for partners and other users too and they offer many tools for free : Epidemicsounds, they can get you sponsors etc.
Not partnered and I've had several invites to big networks but I all refused. Honestly I don't see the point of networking. Everything a network can do, you can do yourself! :)


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