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Discussion in 'YouTube Partners & Networks' started by GameOverViper, Aug 21, 2013.

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    I'll probably never partner with ANY network ever again. I got screwed by Zoomin,TV so I started a new channel. What does your partnership do for you? They don't promote you. They don't help you grow. Copyright? If you are using video under fair use laws. (Commenting, critiques and reviews) and not doing full long plays of games. (Even then people have no problem monetizing that content) You have nothing to worry about. I have been tagged with the "Under review" flag a couple of times I just cut and paste US Fair Use laws and it get monetized. And if a publisher wants to flag videos about a certain game then no network is going to be able to stop them. Remember Sega and Nintendo flagging Let's Plays? It didn't matter who you were with it was getting pulled. Music? You tube has free music for you to use and it's good. The community? That's what we are doing here FOR FREE. So what am I giving them money for? If someone can show me how a network is pushing and growing their channel then I will get on board right now. Otherwise its the biggest scam in the world.
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    Im partnered with Fullscreen. Have been happy with them. I dont make lots of money and I am a small youtuber still but they took me.
    Great support and all the music and all that I can improve my videos is great.
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    If it weren't for Networks, Sega/Nintendo would still be monetizing your gameplay videos.

    Also, if your not partnered. And you monetize your content. That means your only making 45% revshare. YouTube takes 55% revshare. That's why if you want to make the most from your channel, you go with a network. As many networks, including my own offer 90% revshare. And to top that off, networks also help to find better paying advertisements that are not through Adsense. So you have the potential of earning way more with your channel through a network than without a network.

    Not all networks are good, but not all are bad.
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    Could I get a source on the "YouTube takes 55% revshare"? Because as far as I know, the network takes basically your side of the share (after Google split its part off) and then takes its cut from there (so in your case 10%). So while it might seem like you make less on a percentage level, it can still net you a positive in the end due to the higher CPM you mostly get in networks (as you mentioned correctly).
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    This is absolutely false. You tube is ALWAYS going to get their cut. The 90% you pay out is just 90% after You Tube gets paid. There is no way you are undercutting You Tube on their own platform. I always hear about higher CPM. But No Network I have ever seen has delivered any hard numbers to anyone. I would happily give any Network up to 50% of my ad revenue if they could SEO my channel and get more real views and subs. I have no problem paying for marketing and advertising. But no network does this. This just take a cut of your money that you earned and give you nothing for it.
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    Ok so I'm just going to throw this out there because I feel this is a excellent reason to get partnered.

    Each video that you upload as a normal youtube partner does not get encoded with a unique identifier.

    Each video that you upload if you are with a network gets encoded with unique identifier.

    Now say that I take your video upload it to my channel under normal YouTube partner I get to make money from you video and it takes months for you to be able to get it down. IF you are under a network you can contact the network and then they can enable it that you make money from your video that I uploaded to m channel.

    Just saying that is a good reason to invest 10- 20% of your revenue to be partnered in a network in my opinion because it stops people from stealing your videos and making money from them.

    Anyways that is my 2 cents
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    Well i'm with freedom , i haven't really had much help to be honest i'm probably going to move to curse for sure once i reach hat 1,000 sub mark.
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    monetized? yes. first time going monetized. well see how it goes. i only run sidebar ads and skippable ads after videos
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    im currently partnered with vewznetwork (its part of freedom) ^_^ im happy with that partnership atm, it helped me grow a bit :)

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