Are you a Twitch streamer who's schedule has been impacted by the pandemic?

Per title. I've also posted this same text to /r/Twitch.

I'm a university student who graduates this year, and as part of the process of completing my journalism minor I'm putting together a data journalism story about how the coronavirus outbreak has affected the number of people streaming on Twitch.

What I do know so far is that between February and March there was a significant increase in the number of people streaming on the service, and then between March and April there was a massive boost - from around 60k to almost 100,000 people streaming on average at any given time. It's way above Twitch's usual numbers and the spike coincides more or less perfectly with the implementation of stay-at-home orders globally, which makes me think there's definitely a connection between the implementation of lockdown and the number of people livestreaming.

What I don't have at the moment is any anecdotal evidence. Are you a Twitch streamer who finds they've been streaming more because they've been furloughed or otherwise can't leave the house and need something to do? Maybe you were always planning to start one and the situation meant you had enough free time to pursue it.
Alternatively, a couple people I've spoken to have said that because more people are working from home, the reduced bandwidth has made streaming more, rather than less, difficult. That sort of anecdote would be equally helpful.

Again, I apologise if this is breaking a rule of some kind - I did double check before posting but feel free to delete this if it's not meant to go here - but any insights you guys might have would be really helpful. Thanks!


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