Anybody here with an "EPIC" voice?


I'm sure you have already found someone, but I do have a deep voice or other voices I can do. Just message me on my youtube channels and I will give you my skype if you want to hear my different voices.


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Dunno about ,,epic" voice but you can check my channel and ...


Hi ZivagoPlays, I didn't know how else to really reply to your post and show you what you're looking for, so I used Vocaroo and recorded myself asking the question. Note that Vocaroo isn't the best vocal device as it is solely web based so I can't correct the volume too well, but at least you know I didn't edit my voice~ I'll message you on Youtube as well, but let me know what you think! ;D
I would defiantly be interested if the offer is there? :D


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Consider this as an application. All of my voice is on all of my videos, and recently I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback on my voice. -- If I had to choose something specific, there's a Dark Souls II Commercial on the YouTube channel that I used which could highlight my voice quite well. I didn't want to link here so that it didn't look like I was trying to advertise.. ; 0 ;


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