Activision Copyright ID Need Advice

Discussion in 'YouTube Monetization & Copyright' started by Moetguzzler, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Moetguzzler

    Moetguzzler New Member

    Im a new Youtuber and Ive been trying to keep up with the BO3 info release on my channel i uploaded this video here with commentary before and after the trailer plays. Is this still fair use for me or am i screwed when it comes to monitization? I got a copyright ID match on it and i know why but my commentary should counter it. I did the few dispute steps involved. How do you guys think this will turn out for me?
    Im really not looking forward to recieving a strike or losing features and possible channel removal....
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  2. AsassinX1

    AsassinX1 New Member

    I had a claim made against this video

    I appealed against the claimant STRONGLY. It is covered by fair use PLUS if you dig deep enough you might find like I did that the claimant also does not actually hold a real copyright for the piece they are trying to claim. :D

    However the downside was I lost 15 days of potential viewing on this video. If I was a big channel and that happened to lots of vids at the same time I can imagine its quite damaging.

    Also note this is one of my first vids so the quality is not good and the video editing is a little glitchy..

    Yay for freeware :p

    I HAVE upgraded my software dramatically since that video.
  3. Ryatta

    Ryatta Active Member

    You should always be able to claim fair use, however you'll probably made to wait the full 14 days. To start with if its actually the company that own it they'll deny your request.. you generally need to threaten legal action.. which while sounding scary you know your in the right.. not to mention they would spend less money then what they'd ever gain (if any) as they'd loose the action.

    But most companies wont take it that far.. trailer footage is freely public material and you can say you've used it for illustration purposes in your video when you respond to the claim, though in the future try to use less or cut it better
  4. DJStitch91

    DJStitch91 Guest

    This thread is rather old and i would pay to see someone threaten activision with legal action.

    And although trailers are freely available they are still owned by the company.
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  5. Ryatta

    Ryatta Active Member

    Ah.. I should have looked at when the original post was made.. and while I can't claim to have done it with activision i have done it with the Japanese company Toei.. after trying to strike the same video 3 times over 2 months.. actually I've never had an activision claim so far.. must be lucky
  6. Sentenza Gaming

    Sentenza Gaming The Goon Staff Member Damn Mod

    He's right, Activision are intransigent with their trailers. It's impossible to try and go threw Content ID.

    Usually it's better not to use clips of a trailer.
  7. Freakazoid

    Freakazoid Member

    Turn off all music and that should do the trick.

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