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Hey guys! I have noticed that a lot of people have been asking about what partnership they should take up. I have been with Curse for over a year now, and all my experiences have been great. Here is some information you might want to know before joining Curse Netword

You are required to have Minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views in the 30 days OR 8,000 views in the 30 days (You don't need 1000 subscribers if you have 8000 views in 30 days)​

Pros of Joining Curse:
  • No Lock in contract - You can leave whenever you wish to leave. There is a 3 day period you must wait when you request to leave.
  • 90/10 split - They only take 10% of your earnings. Keep i mind that this does not negate what percentage YouTube takes. YouTube takes 45% of your total earning, and the money you see in your analytics is the remaining 55%. Partnering with curse means that they take from that 55%. This is however much better than other partners who man go as low as 60/40
  • Music - They grant you free music through "Epidemic Sound" which has many tracks you can use in your videos. This is great since you don't get copyright strikes when using the music, and the music is not overused like some of the other non-copyrighted music on youtube.
  • Upload Schedule - They do not tell you when to upload, nor will they punish you. One thing you will notice however is that not uploading for months (I'm talking about 3 or 4+ months) might drop your CPM
  • Dashboard/Tools - They provide a great dashboard and other tools to their partners to be able to see analytics and related information regarding your channel, comments/likes/subscribers, earnings, and much more
  • Payout - You do not need to reach a certain amount of money to get paid. You will get payed on a monthly basis.
  • Forums and help - They have forums where you can talk with other curse members and curse mods and staff. They also have a ticketing system which allows you to send messages to a staff member at curse who will get back to you in no more than 3 days.
Cons of Joining Curse:
  • Payment - This is not a problem for me, but others might want to hear it. You earn your payment for a month on the 10th of the next-to-next month. Example: Your January earnings will be payed on March 10. February earnings on April 10, etc.(Not a big problem once you receive that first payment)

If you feel I missed anything, or have a question, please leave a reply!

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I'm not bashing you or your hustle here. But I'm not seeing where it benefits a channel anymore to partner with a network.

So really the only thing that someone gets for forking over 10% of channel earnings to the network is music through Epidemic Sound?

Which if someone wanted to use Epidemic, all they'd need to do is subscribe to them for a monthly cost as low as $12 a month for the starter pack. Which that's based on 0-500k monthly channel views.

Want more info on Epidemic sound, here - http://www.epidemicsound.com/youtube-subscription/#subscription-plans5457f4e2ff5c86d5fbd42d0707a19eea.png

So basically a channel is forking over 10% of there channel to a network when they could pay $12 for it.

So let me break this down.

- No lock-in contract: that's how it should be. Leave when you want.
- 90/10 split: not only is YouTube taking 45%, but networks like Curse take an additional 10%. Leaving the channel with just 45% earnings.
- Upload schedule: not partnering with a network gives you freedom to upload whenever you want, with not schedule.
- Dashboard/Tools: I'm missing where you list any tools that are not already available with Google Analytics on YouTube. Or any other 3rd party software like socialblade.com, and a few others that are free.
- Forums and Help: forums and help should be free to all YouTube creators. That's why I created this forum here at Damnlag.


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Thanks for the feedback! You are absolutely correct. Just one small error to point out, 10% of 55% doesn't bring it down to 45%, but 49.5% (but I understand your point on giving up a percentage).

I just made this for people who were looking to get into networks. I have seen other people have bad experiences with some other networks, and wanted to clarify that Curse is not like that (in terms of locking-in people, or not paying on time, etc)

One benefit for small channels is it removes the threshold. On adsense, you need to get a minimum of $100 to get your payment, but other networks can pay you monthly regardless of what you made.

Once again, I understand your points, and I greatly appreciate your reply.

Thanks! -RegHD


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