A Risky Bid - Paying $10 for a Walkthrough


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Recently I have been doing Watch Dogs Walkthroughs. However, on Act 2, Mission 12 (A Risky Bid), I messed up and accidently deleted the footage. Since you cannot go back in Watch Dogs, I am paying someone $10 via paypal to record a walkthrough of the mission for me. The mission cannot have any deaths or mess up and must be recorded in 1080p on Xbox One. If you send me any copyrighted videos off youtube I will not bother responding or looking at the video. I need the video to have a few seconds before it starts and a few after it ends so i have cutoff points. The character must be in original clothes. I want the RAW video with no markers of any sort. Send me a sample of the video at everythingshibuya@gmail.com. If I approve I will email you back for payment procedure. Thanks!


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