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last week I finally got on the Minecraft Fan train from who know how long the games been out (I didn't hate it, just didn't bother attempting to play it, ... ... of course til now), knowing before hand all of the mods, servers, and other parts that go "how, ... just how". It's amazing how high up it's gotten, and this may be my big chance (now it sounds like a diary...).

With about a weeks preparation of creating a lot of nonsense for twitch (mostly playing the game and what to expect) starting this Monday and on through Friday every week from 12pm to 2pm (mountain time, western area of america... ... wow, i'm doing too much)
As I have said in my introduction I've got a lot to share (through lots of time to save up and use all in a weeks worth... this is gonna be insane)
Come watch this Newcomer to Minecraft desperately learn his way up through his insane adventure in Hypixel!! all at https://www.twitch.tv/sjtr5

A literal start in a gaming journey I never thought would come to be (well given the situation were in, it may not last. ... Time to make something count *cliche #8*)

P.S. come in early for a prologue of who this guy is! 15 minutes before the live stream. Entertainment-before-Entertaiment (he has some weird intro to show you guys, planning that far ahead for him is crazy)

S.J.T.R.5 "Solar"


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