A guide to growth on Youtube

This was an excellent read! I learnt a lot from this...

.. I've even re-touched some of the tagging / description to some of my videos after reading this! Thanks a lot! :-D


Could you elaborate a bit more on the social media aspect? I'm looking to grow my twitter, in hopes of connecting with other content creators and growing my channel in the process. You mentioned a subreddit. Are you talking about r/letsplay or a different one? If so, do I just wait for another twitter list post to pop up again?


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The answer to your point is right there in your comment. You've only got 36 subscribers and 1700 views across your entire channel and you've only been at this for literally a couple of months.

Realistically the main people that are seeing your content right now would be friends/family and other content creators.

There's no real way to force people to comment on what you have besides making engaging content that makes them want to comment. And as for leaving feedback, realistically no one else but you will care about your channel enough to go out of their way to leave feedback, and even if they did, if it were me and someone were to come by our channel and only comment on what we should have done rather than what we actually done, I'd consider it rude as hell unless it was someone I specifically asked their opinion for. One of the big keys to improving your content is being able to watch your own content objectively and learn how to spot things yourself on how to get better.

If you want feedback on your channel and what you're doing for a second opinion, create a Reddit account and head on over to r/letsplaycritiques, a place where people go to get feedback and where I frequent fairly often or head over to r/letsplay (which I moderate) and ask questions about things you might be struggling with.

Looking at your channel and comparing it with the points I've made in this post there's a lot of work that you still need to do and if you want me to, I can write up a proper critique for all aspects of your channel, but I'm just going to warn you now, I'm not known to stroke your ego and tell you how great you are, I'll tell you exactly what's going wrong with the channel but I'll also tell you how you can fix it.
Dang, your reply to a reply gave me life! Definitely helpful my friend, definitely helpful ^


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You'll get there Joe. YouTube is so vast these days, it just takes more and more exposure. Many of us small YouTubers are going through the same sort of deal at the moment. It just makes me want to improve my content in order to move forward. You have to remind yourself that you will get there, it just takes time and consistency. You got this!


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Man, in some ways I'm happy my outburst with bones on our differin views on running our channels didn't sway what you say. And in some ways, I'm embarrassed that I got SO bent out of shape when someone who's formula is WAY different then mine gave me "pointers".


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Thanks for the guide! I definitely need to practice more on custom thumbnails and being social
summary = content with good packaging, SEO, Social media....
mix it and keep making good content


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