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I know you guys are probably tired of seeing me make threads about milestones like this, but it exciting for me to see how far we've come every time we hit a milestone like this. This community has grown a lot under the YouTube Gaming domain, it might be the reason for our success, but we continue to grow more and more everyday. That's a great feeling knowing that it wasn't just the name keeping people coming back every time.

Of course, channel and video promotion plays a big key role. I hope to offer more great ways of promoting your channels and videos. I just have to come up with those ideas and implement them. Anything I can do to help you, the community, grow your own channels. As long as it doesn't involve spamming people, I've come to learn that people hate that just by watching this community grow and evolve to what it is today.

Again, thank you for making this community what it is today. Without you, this community wouldn't be possible. I look forward to hitting that 8,000 milestone with you all real soon!



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Yay, I've been watching the counter for awhile now =) Perfect 7000 =D