500 Active Members By The End Of 2017?


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for me it was always about making a community of people to join in and enjoy what i have to provide for them , and it is not really easy to do that, but my goal although it seems like its Outrageous, but i would really love to have 500 subscribers that are active by joining in conversations and vote polls, maybe tell their opinion on games , and all that good stuff!

the number is just a number by the end of the day, but what really matters is to create a place that people actually can talk and have fun, and that is one of the biggest reasons i became a YouTuber!

right now we are standing on 48 subscribers and i appreciate every one of them, but till this point the interaction is just not that great, and i am hoping to build a better community that consists of people and content creators!
48 subs isnt anything to be sad about, i know your not, but man great job!!! You will get there. You have 48 dedicated and they want more! Lol