PS4 [345] GTA COLLAB and Crew Tryouts For Skilled Shooters


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Yen's the name :)

I run a music production channel and while doing that, I'm looking for GTA youtubers that bring entertainment to the table to make banging actual laugh out loud content. My channel has 300+ subs mainly from my music. The gaming side hasn't looked so hot when it comes to the comparison of views so don't expect anything but genuine fun with a creator. I'm not looking for subs, I'm looking for laughs. I play GTA with numerous amounts of people and upload the content but never looked for another youtuber to do videos with. This could go from a one time deal to a long term. It just depends on how things go. I do plan on growing the movement I started "COUNCIL GUILD" based on music, gaming, and comedy. You could see it as a Vanoss Crew in order to see the picture if not already. I keep it real, I keep it crazy, and I keep it live so hit me up if you are down to make funny creations.

I'm going to start a GTA crew strictly for skilled shooters. We will 1v1 and go from the results then.



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