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  1. Welsknight

    The Market Within the Market: SEO for Small Channels (Write-Up/Guide)

    Note: This guide was originally written and posted in the Let's Play subreddit at Hey guys, Welsknight here! It's been a long time since I've done a write-up, and I figured I was about overdue. So today, I'm bringing you a small guide about search engine...
  2. Welsknight

    500 Subscribers in Less Than 4 Months! (500 Sub Special included)

    Hey guys, Welsknight here! My channel started September 15th, and on Sunday, January 11th, I hit 500 Subcribers and still growing quickly (563 as of this post). I've also been averaging about 1000 views per day since the start of the new year. Life is good. Here's my 500 subscriber special...
  3. Welsknight

    Why Minecraft is STILL a Great Game to Play

    NOTE: This is copy-pasted from a write-up I did in /r/LetsPlay. Hey guys, Welsknight here! I think most of us would admit that Minecraft is a polarizing game in this subreddit (and in the LP community as a whole). There is a stigma concerning Minecraft among our little community, which has been...
  4. Welsknight

    Free Minecraft Timer to be Used in Videos!

    Hey guys, Welsknight here. I never realized what a nightmare it was to get a decent-looking timer into a video until I had to do it for one of my Minecraft series a few months ago. Because it's such a pain, I decided to upload my Minecraft timer that I created to a dropbox, and let the community...
  5. Welsknight

    Welsknight Gaming - Daily Family Friendly Content

    Channel Name: Welsknight Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: September 15th, 2014 Partnered with Network?: Yes (Curse - Union for Gamers) Amount of Videos on Channel: 203 (at the time of this post) Total Subscribers: 311 (at the time of this post) Amount of...
  6. Welsknight

    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Note: The information within this guide applies to all small channels, regardless of how old they actually are. Hey guys, Welsknight here! I was browsing the "Getting Started on Youtube" forum, and almost half of the threads on the first page are asking questions like "How do I grow my...
  7. Welsknight

    15-Minute Builds - Tutorial Series

    Hey guys, Welsknight here! I figured I would share my 15-Minute Builds series with the community. Out of my 5 ongoing Minecraft series, this one is definitely my favorite (and the one that I have to put the most work into). Basically, each episode will show you how to build something cool from...
  8. Welsknight

    150 subs, 150 videos!

    So this week I hit 150 subscribers, and 150 videos. Yay milestones! When I started my channel in late September, I didn't think I'd come this far, this fast. Now, excuse me while I go bury myself in more video production. :P EDIT: And now that my page has updated, I also have gotten 10,000 views!
  9. Welsknight

    Hey Guys, Welsknight Here!

    Hey guys, Welsknight here! I figured that I'd take the time to introduce myself. First, about my channel: I've been creating content on a family-friendly gaming channel (primarily Let's Plays) since late September (although it is not my first channel, it is the first one I've really been...