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    The Market Within the Market: SEO for Small Channels (Write-Up/Guide)

    I don't disagree. That's pretty much how my friend Blitzkriegsler did it. However, it's important to note that new/trending games usually get flooded fairly early and your videos can be buried extremely quickly. As soon as the larger channels pick up the game, you're basically done. So in order...
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    The Market Within the Market: SEO for Small Channels (Write-Up/Guide)

    Note: This guide was originally written and posted in the Let's Play subreddit at Hey guys, Welsknight here! It's been a long time since I've done a write-up, and I figured I was about overdue. So today, I'm bringing you a small guide about search engine...
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    12 Truths First-Time YouTube Creators Need to Know

    Funny, I noticed my luck increased at a rate directly proportional to the amount of work I put in. I may be in the minority here, but I don't believe in "luck". I believe in working your butt of and making your own luck.
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    What Makes A Great YouTube Commentator?

    Confidence. Beyond that... anything goes. Play to your strengths.
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    Are you making enough money on YouTube to live on?

    I believe I remember hearing somewhere that 1 million views a month will earn approximately the equivalent of minimum wage in the US. So yeah... nowhere close.
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. :)
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    How to Turn on Channel Browse View

    Please, new channels, for the love of god... DO THIS. Every time I see a channel without browse view, a starving child in India dies. Nobody wants to come to your channel and see a giant Facebook-like activity feed clustered mess of every video you've liked and every channel you've subscribed...
  8. Welsknight

    YouTube Adds Second Trailer Option to Channel for Returning Subscribers

    This sounds like a BRILLIANT idea. More for channel update type stuff than anything else. Perfect example: I'm going to be leaving for about 3-4 months over the sumer. Definitely would like to "pin" my channel update video from right before I leave so people know what's going on.
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    What are the best recording devices to record gameplay videos?

    I use Mirillis Action for PC recording. I don't need anything else. #PCMasterRace
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Thank you! I'm glad you found it helpful.
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Let me clarify: promote your channel anywhere you can find a place that is welcoming of it. As in, you're fine promoting yourself on in the proper forum. Hijacking a thread that is very obviously not a place for self-promotion is not OK. If you want to promote yourself, fine. But...
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    Minecraft Youtube Group [100+ Subs] [Taken Seriously]

    Age: 25 Timezone: CST (GMT -6) Youtube Channel Link: Why you want to join: Because I might be able to find time to do collabs on rare occasion, and I like helping other Minecraft content creators. Channel subs number: 1.2k+ Availability to record: Varies...
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Much appreciated. I don't like spammers hijacking my guide on how to be successful without spamming. Thanks! I'm glad you got something out of it. :D
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    This thread is not the place to advertise. If you read had the post, you'd have noticed the whole bit about becoming part of a community before you start spamming your content and channels. Go away.
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Thanks guys! Glad you got something out of it. :)
  16. Welsknight

    Anyone use Fiverr to hire Voice Actors?

    I don't use it for voice actors. But I've used it for things like channel art, commissioning animations, etc.
  17. Welsknight

    Needing help gathering resources for making LP's! Thank you!

    Windows Movie Maker works fine for basic editing. Lightworks is another great free alternative. If you're willing to spend a little bit of money, you can pick up Sony Movie Studio 13 for about $50 (or less if it's on sale). The recording programs I've found that are the least taxing on your...
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    So... you quote my post in which I tell someone to ask for channel feedback in a different thread... and then you ask for feedback in this one? *facepalm*
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Please repost this in the proper thread, and actually read threads and the forum before you post.
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    Do you like the homepage Content?

    I'd like to see a healthy balance between articles, gaming news, tutorial videos for Youtubers, and high-quality content to spotlight some of our members.