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  1. AntsDeKing

    A Game with Copyrighted music

    As to what have many said, take it out within the options. If you can’t, record audio and in game audio separately and you can add your music as you wish.
  2. AntsDeKing

    Welp A Gamer Is Here...

    Hey, I just wanted to say hi to everybody and say thank you for even reading this and I’ll just talk about myself for a bit. I’m a gamer who is a big wrestling fan, as well as an otaku. I will always hope to bright a smile to someone’s face and once again thank you and nice meeting you here, so...
  3. AntsDeKing

    GTA San Andreas - Wear Flowers In Your Hair

    Hey man! I watched your vid and I wished you were a little louder, the audio was almost overpowering you a bit but anyways it was cool seeing some GTA on here