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  1. Killerzwerg

    What editing software do you use?

    When I have uploaded gaming videos in the past, I have used AVIdemux, but it´s areally simple software, not really much control... Later I have started using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, it has a lot more control and I currently use it to make videos and trailers of my indie game^^
  2. Killerzwerg

    What music are you listening to currently?

    I´m listening to DJ Fearless...
  3. Killerzwerg

    My Indie-Game Cover

    Hey Guys, I have developed an indie game which releases in 3 weeks on steam, what do you think about my new cover image? I want create a giveaway later, as soon as I have made 5+ posts^^
  4. Killerzwerg

    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    I searched google for "youtubers and streamers forums", I hope I can find here someone who would stream my indiegame^^
  5. Killerzwerg

    Where are you from?

    I´m 33 from germany and I have developed my first indie game. I would like to find some streamers and youtubers here, but I need to do 5 post before I can post my giveaway-links...