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  1. TheExiledWarlord

    Voice Acting Needed

    Hey Guys, I'm in need of some voice actors for some Machinima I'm making. Add me on Skype @ theexiledwarlord or pm me if you are interested. I mainly need females but there are still male spots. The Machinima will take place in the World of Warcraft, if you can do a voice from there let me...
  2. TheExiledWarlord

    Channel of the Month #6 - Channel Entries!

  3. TheExiledWarlord

    Channel of the Month #5 - Voting

    1. jfnoxus 2. Neo Tanner 3. Cozmosplays
  4. TheExiledWarlord

    Youtube Views

    So recently i ran into some copyright trouble and had to take down like 15 videos, and to avoid future trouble i took down 6 others that could get copyrightted, i lost 200k views because of this, idc about the views what i care about is that at this point in time....
  5. TheExiledWarlord

    Help with my channel!

    500 subs in one month....your not doing anything wrong lol
  6. TheExiledWarlord

    Hey everyone! New here!

    welcome man if you need any help just holla holla, if you want a one off or collab series lemme know
  7. TheExiledWarlord

    I Need A Gaming Group PC

    also checked out your channel, couldnt watch it cause im in school tho, but add some info about yourself under the about tab, itll help you connect with your audience more, add like a list of games, email, hobbies, and stuff
  8. TheExiledWarlord

    I Need A Gaming Group PC

    ill do a one off or minecraft collab with ya, a few questions tho: 1 how old are you?, 2 modded minecraft or like lets build a castle and fight enderdragon minecraft, 3. where in the world are you (for a recording schedule)
  9. TheExiledWarlord

    Looking for a crew! (PS3/4 & maybe PC)

    my skype is theexiledwarlord
  10. TheExiledWarlord

    Collabs? PC

    yo pick me ill do something, theexiledwarlord
  11. TheExiledWarlord

    How's it going yall!?

    welcome breh, gl and hf
  12. TheExiledWarlord

    Looking for a crew! (PS3/4 & maybe PC)

    yo same ryanzor is a baws wanna 3 man some steam?
  13. TheExiledWarlord

    New Channel Idea (Read for alls the infos)

    any update on how this is going or if you need more? im interested
  14. TheExiledWarlord

    New Channel Idea (Read for alls the infos)

    dragon i cant find you on skype can you add me: theexiledwarlord
  15. TheExiledWarlord

    New Channel Idea (Read for alls the infos)

    jordan does have a good point, atleast until everyone int he group can be trusted, but if it goes big then a manager does seem very good so that 1 guy cant just go rogue and be like /ninja
  16. TheExiledWarlord

    New Channel Idea (Read for alls the infos)

    thats a pretty cool idea, what type of content would you think best to upload?
  17. TheExiledWarlord

    Play New or Very Old Games

    i prefer new games because they have more otions for making recording easier, ei d3 i can record with fraps d1 and d2 i cant, and older games on new pc's glitch out alot more, but the older games are more fun to me, so theres pros and cons to both type
  18. TheExiledWarlord

    Sony Vegas Render Settings?

    thanks man that fixed it
  19. TheExiledWarlord

    250 Subs Goal Update

    Im Exactly half way to my goal of 250 subs by Jan 1st. i can still make it!! i plan on doing a bunch of colabs and such as the winter gets closer. yes indeed winter is coming and so is my goal deadline! check me out, all feedback is appreciated if you want to do a collab or one off then email...