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  1. XinarTheNeko

    Twitch Trying Binding of Isaac for the first time

    I will in abouth 15 min or so be going live over at I will be playin The Binding of Isaac for the first time. Heard its a bit hard, so come and join me as I probably will be getting angry xD
  2. XinarTheNeko

    A Bird Story

    My first video of A Bird Story is up! A lovely story indie game, come join me and see the adventure!
  3. XinarTheNeko


    Channel Name: Xinar the Neko Channel Link: Channel Start Date: January Partnered with Network?: NO Amount of Videos on Channel: Abouth 33 Total Subscribers: 20 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 328 Channel Description: Hi, I'm XinarTheNeko and this is my...
  4. XinarTheNeko

    This War of Mine!

    I'm finally back doing youtube videos afther 3 months whitout internett! So hoping I can breath life to my channel again!
  5. XinarTheNeko

    Knock Knock, Who is there in the dark?

    I continue my adventure of Knock Knock, and I think I acually made some progress! (Any tip on good Indie games whould be apriciated)
  6. XinarTheNeko

    Hii! Let's play togheter!

    I am looking for someone to play some games togheter whit, and record togheter at some point in the near future. I have just started up my channel, and I mainly fokuse on indie games. So are looking for someone who whants to play some multiplayer indie game, I'm up for almost any game thats easy...
  7. XinarTheNeko

    The Don't Starve adventure continue!

  8. XinarTheNeko

    Xinar The Neko's channel!

    Channel Name: XinarTheNeko Channel Link: Channel Start Date: First video was up 28 of december 2014 Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 11 (min 3 new videos every week) Total Subscribers: 14 Amount of Total Views on...
  9. XinarTheNeko

    22 in time of my birthday

    The 10 of february I'll become 22 years old, my goal is simple just 22 sub in time for my birthday. And am not that far, im on 14 now. Please help me get to my goal =)
  10. XinarTheNeko

    Knock-Knock, who is there?!

    Me who are playing some Knock Knock, and somewhat failing...
  11. XinarTheNeko

    Xinar the Neko here =D

    Hi! Im XinarTheNeko, and I'm a 21 year old girl from the cold north. I am a bit of a nerd, as my favorite things is gaming, drawing, photography (photo editing), cosplay, table top games, fantasy and si-fi books and so on. I'm here to see if I can find new youtubers to follow, to learn from...