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    A Tribute to the legendary Wu Tang Clan (C.R.E.A.M Remix)

    Here is a tribute to the legendary Hip Hop clan the Wu Tang

    vines that even our grand grand grand grand children will know

    Relive this amazing compilation of vines and freshen up your memory. Also like, subscribe and share for more

    Any Reaction Channel Out Here?

    Any music reaction channel out here? Are you interested in reacting to some tracks I made? Here is a link if anyone is interested:

    The Art Of Storytelling in Hip Hop

    The Art Of Storytelling in Hip Hop. Inspired by Stan, Ross Capicchioni and I Gave You Power, this song is based on a true story.

    "Some Bars" A beauty of Hip Hop

    Here is a brand new single named Some Bars

    Just Another Song

    A new song by Pause The Day

    Pause The Day - HARD

    Another one after a long time. A rap/hip-hop. Do give it a Like, Subscribe and Share Feel free to use my songs on your videos. Just add my channel link in description. Cheers

    Other Music Collab

    Timezone: IST Age: 20 Mission: To expose both channel Subscribers: 320 Link to Channel:

    Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid Cover

    Yes I know I'm late with this cover but I think it's never to late to make a cover of a song dedicated to people who have ill thoughts of giving up on their life and also to all suicide awareness organizations. Here is a cover of the beautiful song by Logic, Alessia Cara and Khalid. If you are...
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    G-Eazy X Carnage (ft.Thirty Rack) - Guala Cover

    Probably the first one on YouTube (may be). Do check it out and let me know about it
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    Pause The Day - My Life (Official Lyrics Video) (Prod by P.Boy)

    A new song of mine named My Life. It's about a Life... Well.... Kind of I guess... Anyways do give it a listen.
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    Hold On

    My second single. A song named Hold On. Do give it a listen. Cheers
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    Done one and more to go....

    My recent goal was to make a song and upload it to YouTube My first debut single. If you can give 4 minutes of your life, then please watch it. Cheers!! Now my Current Goal is to reach 400 subs by December. If you love my stuff and channel then please help me out. Get engaged with my channel...
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    My Debut Single

    My first debut single. If you can give 4 minutes of your life, then please watch it. Cheers!!
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    Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You Cover

    Attempted Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You Cover. Do check it out.
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    Just crossed 150 Subs with Starboy

    It is small but it is big for me. I just crossed 150 subs after covering Starboy by The Weeknd and Daft Punk with one of my buddy. Damn I swear on working even more harder. If you guys are interested you can check it out. And if you check it out then drop a like if you enjoy and subscribe if you...
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    The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk - Starboy Cover

    Attempted a cover of Starboy by The Weeknd and Daft Punk with one of my buddy. Do check it out and also share with your friends and family. Also Like if you enjoyed and Subscribe if you are new. Cheers!!
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    Pause The Day

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: Pause The Day Channel Link: Channel Start Date: April 16, 2016 Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 12 Total Subscribers: 166 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 4100 Channel Description: My...
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    Lil Dicky ft. Brendon Urie Molly Cover

    An attempt to cover Molly by Lil Dicky and Brendon Urie. One of my favorite rap song. Do give it a listen
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    Welcome To My YouTube Channel | Rap A Vlog (RAV)

    This is a song about the day I made my YouTube Channel. Completely Random. I've named it Rap A Vlog as I was gonna start my channel with a Vlog but ended up making a rap song about that day.