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    How to Promote ?

    Social media is about the best option for promoting your channel(s) to other people. Not only is it the best option, but its free! Of course you could probably pay some professionals to help you get a game plan together and work on a campaign to grow your channel if you're a millionaire. I...
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    Hello @piracy Miracle, welcome to the community!
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    Le_Wrap, a french student TV

    Hello @Delnizou, welcome to the community! Good luck with the new channel ;)
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    Hello @Skee_Ball60, welcome to the community!
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    hELLO @Prat, welcome to the community!
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    How to Perpheral 101

    Hey @Perpheral, welcome to the community! Nice introduction :) Everyone says they're not doing it for the money, but in all honesty. You need money to pay for electricity, food, water, cable/internet, games and accessories to create content. Many try to make this a full time gig. Depending on...
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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare

    Well I'm already 155 on multiplayer, have every achievement except for the Spec-Ops achievement. Played 2 missions, but have 4 more to go to achieve that one. I enjoyed the campaign.
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    Whats your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

    My favorite side dish during the Thanksgiving feast is some homemade macaroni with some spicy sausage in it. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
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    hello everyone

    Hello @hailhail, welcome to the community!
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    Ways to Promote Your Channel

    Promoting your YouTube videos can really be tricky. Not everyone just clicks a video unless it really draws their attention. A good way that I have noticed recently is to create a Facebook page, build that page up with your community. Get people to like it, etc. Instead of sharing an entire...
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    Post Clips to Social Media Pages

    If you're looking for extra ways to grab new followers and views, social media can be that source. Twitter, Facebook, etc. can all have a huge impact on your channel if you know how to use them. Edit some videos of yours and make some clips of the exciting moments and share them to your social...
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    Hi everyone! The Poo Pals

    Hello @mojoinaboxx, welcome to Damnlag! Creating new original content is the hardest part of managing a channel. Seeing that you have loads of ideas is a good thing. :)
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    YOOOO!!!! JeffreyFromBrooklyn Here!!!

    Hello @JeffreyFromBrooklyn, welcome to Damnlag!
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    Im new here!

    Hey @Inari Michelle, welcome to Damnlag! This community was created for creators in mind. You will notice that a lot of members here are in fact gamers. You're more than welcome to stick around. Some of the content and strategies that help channels can work with channels other than gaming...
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    Hi Everyone. Youtube partner here and Nintendo Lover SNBGaming64 YT

    Hey @SuperNintenbros, welcome to Damnlag! Welcome back!
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    Lando's Gaming Channel

    Hey @LandosGamingChannel, welcome to the community!
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    Hi There!

    Hey @ThePsychoticEnigma, welcome back! Its good to see you here again. ;)
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    Just wanted to say hi.

    Hey @Jumpercable, welcome to Damnlag!
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    Gamer Youtuber Right Here

    Hello @Mozfu, welcome to Damnlag!
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    Gamer and a Podcaster - Brown boy from London

    Hey @SIHII Alvi, welcome to the community!