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  1. gerhb

    Altered Beasts - IRL

    Watch Nick and I fail our way through nostalgia lane.
  2. gerhb

    Race the Sun - IRL

  3. gerhb

    150 Sub Goal + GIVEAWAY

    Hi DamnLag! Didn't see you there! This is Instant Replay Live and we're at 129 subscribers as of posting, we're shooting for 150! Our channel has a few series so far, but we do a bit of everything and we've got a bunch more content and collabs with some of our favorite tubers on the way! At...
  4. gerhb

    PC Free to guest on anyone's channel! :D

    Hi, I'm Joe from Instant Replay Live! If anyone is looking for a guest voice on their channel, feel free to hit me up anytime. I'm available most nights to drop in, and I don't mind grabbin some new games. :D We're enjoying collaborating with other channels for our own, but it's been hard to...
  5. gerhb


    We're gonna play this cute horror game and ramble come hannnng with us! :D
  6. gerhb

    Vertiginous Golf!!!

    My brother and I battle it out on floating islands in the sky to determine ONCE AND FOR ALL who is the greatest at... put put! :D
  7. gerhb

    Child of Light - IRL

    My brother plays a princess and I play a fairy! Come see this gorgeous game and listen to us ramble!!!
  8. gerhb

    Most Challenging Games

    So I'm playing Super Meat Boy on our channel right now and I'm having a ton of fun with it, we're planning on doing Vulgar the Viking soon after. I'm looking for suggestions for other great challenging games. (I've already beat Demons'/Dark Souls) Alternatively, I'm looking for hardcore rules...
  9. gerhb

    The Art of Thumbnails

    I'm trying to decide what kinda theme or motif to use for our channel's thumbnails and I'm hitting a bit of a creativity force field. The typical (and probably best) strategy is to put a photo or cartoon of a face onto the thumbnail with the game somehow represented in backdrop. I'm not...
  10. gerhb

    Halfway to 100 Subs!

    We hadn't really been setting goals, but now that we just barely past 50, it feels like 100 is the natural next milestone! So, we've got a bunch of different let's play series coming up in the horizon. We release two videos a day of two different games. Right now we're pretty straightforward...
  11. gerhb

    No Man's Sky - GET HYPE

    So stoked to play this game. Anyone else? I'm thinking it'll make a fun let's play at launch.
  12. gerhb

    Super Meat Boyeee!!!

  13. gerhb


    Oh hello there. I am Joe, let's player extraordinaire and boastful buffoon, here to join Damn Lag's mightiest heroes on the epic quest to collaborate and discuss the finer details of youtubery shenaniginology. My brother and I are doing a Let's Play, pretty typical stuff so far, but we're...