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  1. Zenvious

    How do I get better at Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    I asked on Twitter recently how do I increase the channel growth of my... well channel. I have current 280 videos uploaded (which means despite life, illness, and multiple self doubt from my illness and a rough year - i've almost uploaded 1 video every day since I started in April 2015)...
  2. Zenvious

    Ep 4-5 of Undertale

    Have restarted my adventure in Undertale. Enjoy ep's 4 and 5:
  3. Zenvious

    How I got Started as an Uploader

    Title says it all. Its the first video for my VLog channel. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Zenvious

    Best clip-on Microphone for PC recording

    Getting my Greenscreen up and running and looking for a decent lapel microphone that will plug into my PC so it can record along side my webcam. I currently record with an MXL Temp Microphone which has done me ok in previous VLogs, but am considering a need to go the next step as I want to put...
  5. Zenvious

    PC Need Instrumentals. Can anyone help?

    Hey all. Does anyone have music making abilities? I would like some instrumentals to accompany this brief opening for my show. Anyone able to help? Or even direct me to someone who could?
  6. Zenvious

    PC Need some Music

    Hey all. Does anyone have music making abilities? I would like some instrumentals to accompany this brief opening for my show. Anyone able to help? Or even direct me to someone who could?
  7. Zenvious

    Other Phoneix Wright

    Game: Phoenix Wright - Ace Atourny: Episode 1 Platform: Android Number of People: 5 (6 including myself) Timezone: n/a Age: n/a Mission: Find 5 people to do voice acting for the characters of this episode Subscribers: 103 Link to Channel:
  8. Zenvious

    Give me Questions!!

    @ColdSurvivor has tagged me to do a "Get to know the Person Behind the Game" video. I'm keen to do it, and I'm happy to create my own 10 facts to let people know about me, but I thought I should ask the forums we're both from to see if anyone has anything in partciular they want to know. So...
  9. Zenvious

    I Am Bread

    A lot of you know I'm doing this game, but not nessicarily all. Come watch the hair pulling in action :P
  10. Zenvious

    What should I play?

    Saw this being asked on the Lets Play Society forums and answered it. I actually liked my answer soo much I though "hmmm - well if I'm going to arrogantly love this reply, I should share it around so people can see how arrogant I am... hopefully they will realize I'm joking when I write that...
  11. Zenvious

    100 Subs = I go Video

    Hey all! Zenvious here. My channel will be 2 months old at the end of this week, and yesterday I crossed 50 subscribers. So was thinking as a means of creating some momentum, if I get to 100 subscribers, I will not only get a Webcam AND a Green-screen for future videos, but I will also do an...
  12. Zenvious

    Deadly 30

    This was a fun indi game. It can be a bit Grindy so it eventually became a bit of a Vlog, but have been told it was still entertaining. Not many knew this game existed so giving it some extra promotion here:
  13. Zenvious

    Deponia (aka Future Monkey Island)

    Hey all. This was a lovely gem of a game I discovered 2 years ago. It had a Trilogy and I'm playing all three. Come have a look at it and enjoy a giggle. The company who made this has been unofficially dubbed "Euro Lucas Arts". Anyone who played the Monkey Island series will quickly recognize...
  14. Zenvious

    Games for Attention

    I assume this is the right place on the forums to ask. I only joined within the last 12 hours so still wandering around. I asked and this was the place I was recomended to suggest this topic :) Figured I'd ask this as it may help not just me but other LP'ers wanting to grow their channel. Its...
  15. Zenvious

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Who else is playing this? I'm waiting on some RAM so my system can run the game without being all "clunk clunk clunk". However the game is installed and once I've got it, I was wondering if anyone has a tribe established, or is looking to get one started? Specifically - who here wants to do...
  16. Zenvious

    Zenvious Plays

    Channel Name: Zenvious Plays Channel Link: Channel Start Date: Apr 25, 2015 (approx 2 months old at time of this message) Partnered with Network?: no (unsure if i ever will - I kinda like being indi/ hipster :D ) Amount of Videos on...
  17. Zenvious

    Nearly 50, going 100

    Hey all. New to the forums (just joined today). When I did I was at 46, but a few people have already browsed my work and jumped me to 49! Whoo! So now I'm going to follow the rest of the thread I'm seeing here and push for 100. However I want to do that WITHOUT asking people to sub. At the...
  18. Zenvious

    Seeking Aussies

    Hey all. Just joined the forums about.... 15 minutes ago? Had an awesome warm welcome and was told there are actually a lot of people from Australia on here! While I do want to see everyone's videos, I am very keen to see what my local peoples are doing (cause I didn't actually think there were...
  19. Zenvious

    Hello from Australia

    Hi all. I'm a New-Tuber who lives (and was born, and raised) in Australia. My Channel is only 2 months old (or will be in a week). Passionately want to develop my channel further as I really enjoy recording, editing, and uploading videos. I have a bit of a preference to Story-driven/ Adventure...