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  1. ericbarbwire

    Plugin Showcase: Infinity Stones

    Showcase of the Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet in Minecraft Java servers!
  2. ericbarbwire

    Plugin Showcase: Super Trails PRO

    Plugin showcase of Super Trails PRO by KVQ. Which adds a variety of particle and block trails to your server!
  3. ericbarbwire

    How to Download & Install TUinity (Server Jar)

    Tutorial on how to use the fork of PaperSpigot (TUinity) by SpottedLeaf which has several improvements over Paper.
  4. ericbarbwire

    Grinch Simulator | stealing all the presents!

    Merry Christmas everyone! showcase of Grinch Simulator with Derik5Numbers and 64Digi.
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    New Minecraft Christmas Plugin Showcase!

    Showcase of the premium Spigot plugin Christmas+ by BRC!
  6. ericbarbwire

    Paintball Battle Plugin Showcase + Tutorial

    New plugin showcase for the plugin Paintball Battle which adds the paintball mini-game to your Minecraft server!
  7. ericbarbwire

    Server Ticket Management Plugin!

    Server ticket management plugin called "Advanced Mod Request" by SuperRonanCraft!
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    Plugin Tutorial: Chunky

    Tutorial for the Minecraft Pregeneration chunk plugin Chunky!
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    Plugin Showcase: BetterRTP

    Plugin showcase for the plugin BetterRTP by SuperRonanCraft. The best random teleport plugin on the market right now.
  10. ericbarbwire

    Plugin Showcase: Cardinal All-in-One Utility Plugin

    New video on the popular server management tool Cardinal by NikV2!
  11. ericbarbwire

    Plugin Showcase: Lucky Pouches

    Plugin showcase for LuckyPouches by NikV2, a new plugin that allows server owners to reward their users with a variety of pouches filled with currency!
  12. ericbarbwire

    WINNING The most BUSTED Spleef Tourney!

    Team Barbercraft was invited out for a Skeppy style spleef tournament hosted by GlitchGamezYT! What ensued, was chaos, a difficult win, but a great time.
  13. ericbarbwire

    Smash Ultimate Training the STRONGEST Lucas Amiibo!

    Amiibo training of the Lucas Amiibo to level 50 and beyond!
  14. ericbarbwire

    Minecraft Earth: First Impressions

    First impressions and gameplay from the new Minecraft Earth game for mobile devices.
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    I miss the old Kanye.
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    Autumn Default Style Texture Pack

    Happy first day of Autumn everybody! Default-Style Fall Pack was created by Futureazoo on Planet Minecraft. Download link: Sildurs shaders was used for the video.
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    MC Build Challenge: The Matrix

  18. ericbarbwire

    Midsommar Spoiler FREE Review

    In this video, I do a spoiler free review of the Folk horror movie Midsommar directed by Ari Aster. #Midsommar #FolkHorror
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    Spiderman Far From Home SPOILER Review

    Eric and Victor make a spoiler review on the new MCU movie Spiderman Far From Home #FarFromHome #Mysterio #MCU #Spiderman