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  1. ninetalescommander

    Friend Match vs Dinomen | Pokemon Battle Arena Episode 27 | Ninetales Commander RPG Thread Gallery

    I forgot to mention this in the video but today is Kevin’s Birthday! Please show him your support and go to his channel here; Pokemon Battle Arena is the platform series I use for all online Pokemon Battling across the latest main series Pokemon Games. All battles are...
  2. ninetalescommander

    Hitting the Big Time! | Super Smash Bros Episode 7 | Ninetales Commander Fighter Thread Gallery

    Hitting the Big Time! | Super Smash Bros Episode 7 It took a long time and a lot of arguing about his size but at last Ridley is finally playable in Super Smash Bros, time to fly into some matches! Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a Fighting Game Crossover that pits classic video game characters...
  3. ninetalescommander

    Target Practice | Splatoon 2 Episode 36 | Ninetales Commander Shooter Thread Gallery

    No matter how hard you try, Agent 8 towers above all Octolings! Splatoon 2 is the sequel to Splatoon that was released for the Nintendo Wii U on the 28th May 2015. The sequel follows the similar gameplay to it’s predecessor but made a handful of changes such as replacing all special weapons...
  4. ninetalescommander

    Ninetales Commander Fighting Games Thread

    Video 1 - Super Smash Bros Episode 5 Isabelle was, needless to say, 1 of the more interesting newcomers to Smash Bros Ultimate. At first we assumed she would be an echo fighter of Villager but to everyone’s surprise, she’s actually her own character with her own set of moves. Granted she does...
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    Pokemon Battle Arena Episode 23 with Ninetales Commander

    Pokemon Battle Arena is the platform series I use for all online Pokemon Battling across the latest main series Pokemon Games. All battles are narrated in post-commentary and are recorded with a Nintendo 3DS Capture Board.
  6. ninetalescommander

    Ball Games! Episode 22 | Splatoon 2 with Ninetales Commander

    For the foreseeable future of this series, we are going to be stepping away from the online and dedicating these videos to the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion. We kick this part of the series off with the introduction to Agent 8, our brand new Playable Octoling.
  7. ninetalescommander

    Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Review

    Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator has been out for a few months now and after finally deciding to give this franchise a shot and sitting down with this latest installment, I've decided to give it a review to see how it fairs in today's generation of Gaming.
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    Need advice! I want to know if I should start over on YouTube

    Hello everyone, I have not been on this website very much since I joined so I would like to start off by apologizing for being inactive. Now then, with that out of the way, I have a question; Should I considering deleting all my YouTube channels and starting with 1 brand new channel? You see...
  9. ninetalescommander

    A brief explanation about my history and why it has lead to me wanting to go full-time on YouTube

    I joined this amazing forum a few days ago and I've really felt welcome but I have not really gone into my history so I will be dedicating this thread to my story about why I decided to try and begone a full-time YouTuber. Back in 2005, I used to be in a Full-Time Job and to be honest I really...
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    Hello! Ninetales Commander here

    Hello everyone, this is Ninetales Commander but you can all call me Chris. I was browsing through the different forums online and I happened to come across this 1 and I gotta say, Damn Lag looks really impressive so I am happy to join. My YouTube career started back in 2008 and over the past...