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    Doom 3 VS Doom 2016 (Game REVIEW) - ADAMNATOR

    I just posted the final video in my series of Doom retrospectives I started all the way back in October. But as each of them stand by themselves, figured I would simply post the most recent installment, a video comparing the most recent entries in the franchise, Doom 3 and Doom 2016. Thanks for...


    Hey there, my name's Adam and I make reviews. Well, to be honest I wouldn't even call what I do "reviews" anymore. As there's so many people in our community reviewing games, I figured I would scrap the filler and cut to the chase. I strive to make my videos very to-the-point. I'm not out to...

    REVIEW :: The Talos Principle - ADAMNATOR

    Hello! My name is Adam, and I make reviews of video games on the internet. Ain't that just original. Well obviously, I needed a way to stand out from the crowd. What is that you might ask? By reviewing games I find interesting, that have some kind of hook that draw people in. And with The Talos...