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  1. Luftangreifer

    Gaming video title?

    Sound like a totally free choice to me. In my case, its usually Game title : Sub title [epicosde number]
  2. Luftangreifer

    Hey, yeah thats probably me. I also dont play RC2 anymore.

    Hey, yeah thats probably me. I also dont play RC2 anymore.
  3. Luftangreifer

    Youtube earnings

    Very rough estimate.. I never trust SocialBlade. Heh, I wish I made as much as they show on their page :wondering:
  4. Luftangreifer

    Called by a viewer?????

    Asking him seems to be the fastest way to get the answer. Maybe you used ur account name on other SNS services, and the number was listed there?
  5. Luftangreifer

    How do you prepare your videos?

    I think this depends on each person and their lifestyle. I don't think recording in bulk is necessary when you have a lot of time, and can pretty much record at anytime they want (what a luxury!). But with school, work and what not, I guess its better to record as much as you can, while you...
  6. Luftangreifer

    Some questions.

    This pretty much. It doesnt matter how you avoid copy right strikes, the idea is "not" to use material under other person`s right. There are literally shit ton of free stuff you can use, image or music.
  7. Luftangreifer

    Most Effective Places to Promote Your Channel

    Official Facebook page of the game you play. Send them a PM, and if they like what you make, theres a high chance of them sharing your video to all the likers.
  8. Luftangreifer

    Videos Suddenly Getting Really Low Views?!?!

    Some numbers would help to get to know ur situation better. If you are talking about -100~1000 views/day, I believe its just YT randomness.
  9. Luftangreifer

    What is your opinion on commentaries?

    I dont think having a small channel is any way related to not doing any commentary (how did you come up with this? just curious). So go with it! Commentary is something necessary to personalize your channel, to show what kind of person you are to viewers. You can do something else, like...
  10. Luftangreifer

    Advice needed

    This is something I also agree. While views, comments and subs can be a +moral factor, most of the time it demotivates people in my opinion. I absolutely understand your feeling of "Damn, he`s doing better than me. I'm I doing anything wrong?" But YouTube is so random, you cant really get clear...
  11. Luftangreifer

    PewDiePie Starts Small Group of Popular Channels

    This must be false news. I wasn't invited.
  12. Luftangreifer

    Need a name for my Gaming channel.

    Shawnplaysgame Shawngaming1080p Ilovegameshawn Pewdiepie Shawnhasnoimagination Shawnthegamer Like, come on dude. THIS is going to be your brand, its suppose to be fun naming your channel by your self. If its really that hard, type in random word and translate it into German. It usually sounds...
  13. Luftangreifer

    What's helping your channel grow?

    Same here. Used to do giveaways quite frequently. Even if you dont play the old "sub to enter" trick, you still get decent views and subs from those giveaways. It took me painfully long 1 year to get rid of those "Do giveaway! gimmi freebies!" kiddos though.
  14. Luftangreifer

    Uploading on December

    It makes sense that you`ll get less traction during late December though, everybody is busy spending time with their friends and family. December is also the month that has best CPM though wink wink :makeup:
  15. Luftangreifer

    What do you do with your video after uploading it?

    Theres value of course, but keeping all the raw files just eats up too much of a storage. Im also only keeping rendered videos.
  16. Luftangreifer

    New to YouTube and Struggling with Playthroughs ? This might help you :)

    No I can totally agree about helping out eachother by giving feedbacks, but not really about giving direct/quick result to video performance. You will find someone for sure on this forum, its very unlikely that these groups lasts for more than few month though sadly.
  17. Luftangreifer

    New to YouTube and Struggling with Playthroughs ? This might help you :)

    Would extra 5 views really change the result of search ranks? :think:
  18. Luftangreifer

    I think youtube shouldnt pay everyone

    ouch :mm:
  19. Luftangreifer

    Curse or DamnLag?

    Im with Curse, and quite happy about them compared to my previous network. Especially EDS, where I can literally find unlimited amount of music & sfx. Im sick of hearing same music on multiple videos. True, but its the easiest way to earn money without being bothered by Adsense and other...
  20. Luftangreifer

    Gaming Channels can still grow?

    unless you happen to be a stormtrooper and witness one of the Jedi get stomped by ATAT