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    joining a YT gaming network. how?

    Hi all So ive noticed a few bigger YTers that are in the gaming genre are a part of "networks", giving them more rights to post content of video games and such and such. It seems theres restrictions on what networks you can join depending on how many subscribers you have and how many views you...
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    iOS Gameplay

    Hi all, What is the best way to make sure that what ever iOS game your uploading to youtube is safe to upload?. I have seen "Youtube upload policies" offered by Blizzard, Ubisoft, and many other game companies but I don't see anything at all on Google for iOS game developers.
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    Is this expensive microphone worth it?

    sry, i cant post links. anyways, its the YETI BLACK EDITION.
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    Is this expensive microphone worth it?

    Hi all, This microphone here i found seems a bit pricey, but it seems to be the best for YT: h t t p : / / c g i . e b a y . c a / w s / e B a y I S A P I . d l l ? V i e w I t e m & i t e m = 1 4 2 1 8 0 1 6 0 4 5 2 & s s P a g e N a m e = A D M E : L : L C A : C A : 1 1 2 3 # h t _ 5 0 0 w t _...
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    What's up guys!!!!

    Hi all I m new heer 2 nice to meet u all