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  1. ChunksofGaming

    Help with a new Channel for my 6 yr old daughter :)

    Hi there guys i was hoping if anyone could help me out with a channel graphic and logo im looking at calling it Lilly's Pad! The them if people could help me is maybe a frog pond with lilly pads theme if anyone could come up with something would be great..
  2. ChunksofGaming

    Hockey Ultimate Team ....Comeback

    Hey guys please check out my content. Its dodgy but i hope its still good...
  3. ChunksofGaming

    NHL 16 BAP with other created players

    I call it super league :) Here it is guys episode 2 of BAPSL, thats what im calling it haha. In this episode we go up against Bacon Bacon, or agressive goalie bacon. He needs no introduction but bellow are the other featured players/channels check them out below. As always like or sub...
  4. ChunksofGaming

    NHL 16 BAP - Super League - Road to the Draft 01

    Well guys here it my idea for a fresh series. So did bap series but ive added a few extra players Some youtube celebrities and some of my friends, join my on this whirlwind career and check me out :)
  5. ChunksofGaming

    It is Finally here the NHL 16 HUTCUP

    Hey guys friendly colab with my partner in crime check it out below what you think stay tuned for the next hutcup challenge
  6. ChunksofGaming

    Early NHL 16 is Here, Here is a couple vids of mine and my buddies

    So guys here it the day has come, NHL 16 has finally arrived...early at least for a few short hours.. Here is a couple of vids ive managed to do and i figured id just put them all in the one thread. Appreciate your support guys and please let us know what you think in the comments section of...
  7. ChunksofGaming

    Metal Gear Solid 5 ... you know same as ive seen anywhere lol

    Hey guys i was gonna do this series as a complete walkthrough.....that seems to have changed i have way to much fun with this game but here is my efforts of late with the prologue..or skip to the kaz chapter in this vid also
  8. ChunksofGaming

    Watch "GWF: The Crew Ep1 -- Nick Cage!!!!" on YouTube

    Game with friends on my fellow friend and collaborators channel cranky we are really bad
  9. ChunksofGaming

    Youtubers/Gamers who are parents

    Got me thinking and thought it would be a good discussion. .who out there are parents and game you find it tough to balance the two. .. Obviously kids come first but still
  10. ChunksofGaming

    Metal Gear Solid 5 - My Lets Play - Sneak Peak

    Hey guys it would be great if you checked out my video..lots of love from a metal gear fan horrible voice acting though tell me what you think it would be great
  11. ChunksofGaming

    Card Crawl - Aussie Version

    Hey guys I've been doing this series called android game of the week This time round Ive been playing a came called card is pretty simple yet fun and I love the artwork. Mean a lot to me if you guys check it below. If you watch please comment on here or in youtube itself and hit...
  12. ChunksofGaming

    Check out my new Trailer

    Ok I made the trailer but the coop vis will be hosted on another channel...check it out below So if you liked please check it out and join in the series Hope to see you there
  13. ChunksofGaming

    Name for coop gaming series

    Hey there me and a buddy of mine are doing a coop gaming series.....right now its called gaming with friends or gwf....but perhaps still looking for a catchy name perhaps any one have good ideas?
  14. ChunksofGaming

    How to survive - With Friends (funny accents ahoy)

    Hy guys please check out this vid...its not on my channel its my friend and e deserves some exposure... SO please check it out and ell us what you think :) mean alot to us both if you do thanks alot guys this community is awesome
  15. ChunksofGaming

    EASHL NHL 16 BETA - Many people were asking how i went in net

    Hey guys new to the community and thought its bout time I contributed to the forum Many people kept asking how the beta was, and so i decided to give them a teaser :) any support or advice, comments etc would be great either here or on the youtube page it self :)
  16. ChunksofGaming

    Would like to introduce my self

    Hey guys fairly new to the to join things like this, i mostly play all sorts of games but my favourtie thing right now is NHL... any way guys please check out my channel if you like to say hi or leave some feedback