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  1. hailhail

    hello everyone

    thank you
  2. hailhail

    Collab Idea? Tell Me What You Think!

    so your saying you want to host a video on someones channel and vis versus.
  3. hailhail

    hello everyone

    thank you i joined the discord
  4. hailhail

    Ways to Promote Your Channel

    the facebook groups seem to not help. everyone just posts their own stuff. i've tried reddit and alot of groups don't let you post links to self promote if anyone has a few that do that would help
  5. hailhail

    i don't have a gaming channel xbox

    but if someone wants to play i play elder scrolls and monster hunter world. i have game pass so i'm willing to try other games. my gamertag is hailhailfail
  6. hailhail

    i would love some feedback

    my channel is chronically cooking. i know i need to work on a shorter intro and better clickbait but any advice would be loved.
  7. hailhail

    Other collab?

    i only have 17 subs right now but would love to grow with you. or just have some fun doing a video together. i have an iphone so we can facetime or i have skype. your welcome to reply here or on instagram dm me @hailhailfail
  8. hailhail

    hello everyone

    hello i'm hailey. my channel is chronically coking. it's about chronic illness vlogs and also coking. i have 3 dog. i live in ohio. i like reading my favorite series is probably vampire academy or percy jackson. im 24 years old. my favorite color is pink.