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    About Curse Network Partnership

    Hey guys! I have noticed that a lot of people have been asking about what partnership they should take up. I have been with Curse for over a year now, and all my experiences have been great. Here is some information you might want to know before joining Curse Netword Requirements: You are...
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    [Free] YouTube Thumbnail Templates

    Hey! I create thumbnail templates, and I am currently working on some bigger packs which I give for free on my channel! Be sure to subscribe to get the latest free graphics and check out some of the graphics below! Minecraft Thumbnail Template: Outro Template: Agario Thumbnail Template...
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    Call of Duty Worldstar Fights

    Hey Guys! This is a series I recently started called call of duty worldstar fights where I go around punching people on call of duty and put sound effects from fights in the background. This is the most successfull series on my channel, and I hope you guys can leave some feedback. Thanks...
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    Hello People of The internets

    Hey! I go by RegularGamerHD on the interwebs. I have around 3k subscribers at the moments. I did end up deleting a bunch of my older videos because they were not the best, but some of the exisiting ones are pretty good. I hope you have the time to stop by and leave some feedback. Thanks