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  1. Dayn Brian

    Watch this if you think a nuzlocke is easy.

    If you don't know, here are the rules for a nuzlocke:- Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or put in the Pokémon Storage System permanently. The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered...
  2. Dayn Brian


    What's good guys, Daynasty here! Today, we are continuing our quest in Pokemon Mega Emerald XY! The randomizer nuzlocke is taking a HUGE toll on our team but we manage to get not 3, not 2 but 1 Pokemon....
  3. Dayn Brian


    Ohaiyo minna-san and welcome to the Dayn'sDomain. We start a very new fresh of air but with a very twisted plot. Mew has saved us from reckoning but suddenly a Darkrai was summoned!! Are we able to save ourself? Be sure to watch!
  4. Dayn Brian

    I'm telling you that Pokemon games hate me!

    Ohaiyo mina-san and welcome to the DaynDomain. This is a new series I'm starting and it is Pokemon Black 2 Randomizer Nuzlocke. The first video is showing what bad luck I have as a Pokemon Master.....
  5. Dayn Brian

    Discord Moderator Application

    Discord Username (include #number): - Dayn Brian#1344t How old are you?: - 20 What country and timezone are you in?: - Malaysia and GMT +8 Which position are you applying for?: - Moderator Why do you want to be a Damnlag Discord Moderator?: - To increase communications between admins and...
  6. Dayn Brian

    Distrust First Impression Gameplay

    Hey guys its Dayn here. Have you heard of the new,artic suvival game,called Distrust? If you haven't,then you should stop what you are doing,and go and get this game NOW!. If you want to know why I like this game so much,check out this gameplay video!
  7. Dayn Brian

    How Is This Game FREE?!

    The game is not well optimized yet. Sorry for the late reply,haven't been here in a while hehehe
  8. Dayn Brian

    Cheap Graphics!

    Hey guys Dayn here. If you want your channel logo to be custom and different from others whilst being awesome at the same time and cost you less. Then I might just be the person you're looking for! PROS: 1) Custom made for you 2) 2 Revisits 3) Included with .PSD file 4) Super cheap 5) Fast...
  9. Dayn Brian

    Help with a new Channel for my 6 yr old daughter :)

    Hey there. If you haven't found anyone yet,I can help you with that!
  10. Dayn Brian

    How Is This Game FREE?!

    hey thanks so much! and sorry for the late reply
  11. Dayn Brian

    How Is This Game FREE?!

    Hi guys it's Dayn here! Today,I bring you a video on Einar!!!
  12. Dayn Brian

    Channel of the Month #35 (July 2017) - Voting/Entries

    Entry: Dayn Brian Votes: 1. Vita Deditae 2. Lord High Penguin 3. Gorkhaymomo 4. Sieghrain Enterprise 5. Pudding Bear
  13. Dayn Brian

    I hate BOTS!!!!!

    Hey there Dayn Brian here bringing you a brand new video and today,you're watching CS GO!
  14. Dayn Brian

    Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay - LEFT 4 DEAD? MORE LIKE LEFT THE DEAD!!

    Thank you for the kind words! And sorry for the late reply,too busy on the discord server!
  15. Dayn Brian

    Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay - LEFT 4 DEAD? MORE LIKE LEFT THE DEAD!!

    Come on in and watch this video where we relive the greatest moments in FPS history,Left 4 Dead 2!!
  16. Dayn Brian

    Let's have a look at our LINE OF SIGHT!!!

    *dab* Hey,what's going on?My name is Dayn and welcome back to my channel. If you've never been to my channel before,I do let's play and funny moments. If you like that kind of things,consider subscribing! In today's video,we're playing Line of Sight I hope you enjoy!
  17. Dayn Brian

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Full Playthrough

    One of the best games ever made and you video is top notch!
  18. Dayn Brian

    The new guy

    Thank you so much and I'll be sure to keep active
  19. Dayn Brian

    New to DamnLag and YouTube, but excited to be part of both!

    Hey there and welcome.You're story is just like mine we're both new here and to youtube!
  20. Dayn Brian

    Hey Guys!

    Hi and welcome here.I'm also new here and trying to get to know everyone especially the new ones.Looking forward to talking with you!