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    Overwatch: Funny and Epic moments

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    Premium mcglincheyHD

    New videos ^_^
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    [Random Game Sunday] Hot Date

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    Premium mcglincheyHD

    some new videos ^_^
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    Random Game Sunday: DreadOut (ACT 1)

  6. Chordzie

    Need thumbnail template

    I need a template for my random game Sunday videos. I'm looking it to be some type of border saying random game Sunday and having some design, but a will add in the image of the game i'm playing. I hope this made sense XD
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    PC Looking for Xbox one or PC gamers to start a group to play games with! UK!

    I would like to do some vids with you, I play xbox and pc
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    Random Game Sunday: Outlast 2 Demo

  9. Chordzie

    Overwatch: funny and Epic moments