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  1. Chordzie

    Overwatch: Funny and Epic moments

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    [Random Game Sunday] Hot Date

  3. Chordzie

    Random Game Sunday: DreadOut (ACT 1)

  4. Chordzie

    Need thumbnail template

    I need a template for my random game Sunday videos. I'm looking it to be some type of border saying random game Sunday and having some design, but a will add in the image of the game i'm playing. I hope this made sense XD
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    Random Game Sunday: Outlast 2 Demo

  6. Chordzie

    Overwatch: funny and Epic moments

  7. Chordzie

    TGN Asked me to partner with them. Yes or No

    TGN asked me to partner with them, but they have mixed reviews. Can someone let me know if I should or not. I don't really care about money, I was just thinking it would get my channel noticed more.
  8. Chordzie

    Overwatch: funny and Epic moments