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    Put some time into editing this. It isn't anything crazy, but I like it!
  2. The_Name's_Alex

    100 Sub Q&A

    Thank you all for 100 Subs!
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    I am in shock still. My channel has been growing so rapidly it is crazy. On the 24 I hit 50 subs and now I have it 100 subs. I am so thankful and so happy. Thanks to everyone that has supported my channel!
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    Q&A at 100 Subs!

    Once I hit 100 subs I will be having a small Q&A! If you have any questions feel free to comment them!
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    BeamNG.Drive | FUNNY MOMENTS

    Beam is a fun game with a top of the line physics engine. I had a blast playing it and I hope you have a blast watching it!
  6. The_Name's_Alex

    Just hit 50 subs on Christmas Eve!

    Wow, I still can not believe just four days ago I was creating a milestone thread for 20 subs. Thank you everyone who has subscribed and watched my videos. Can't wait to see my channel grow more as time goes on!
  7. The_Name's_Alex

    AMX Gaming

    Awesome vid man!
  8. The_Name's_Alex

    First Vlog!

    I am not exactly a vlogging expert (as you will find out in this video) I recommend checking it out. Please leave feed back so I can improve for next video!
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    50 Subs before January 1st!

    Hey guys, I am trying to hit 50 subs before January 1st. I am not trying to beg for subs, but if you would check out my channel at least it would mean a lot. However if you like the content I post feel free to subscribe!
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    Saving Rump!

    As Rumps body guard it is my duty to make sure he stays safe. I am not exactly good at my job though..
  11. The_Name's_Alex

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the community.

    Hey Kire. Interesting name you have. Good luck with Youtube.
  12. The_Name's_Alex

    Yea I kinda put the wrong age on accident.

    Yea I kinda put the wrong age on accident.
  13. The_Name's_Alex

    PC Anyone wanna Collab?

    Hey guys, so I am looking for channels to collab with! If we make similar types of videos hit me up, I will more then likely want to collab!
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    DONALD IS OP (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator)

    I had a lot of fun editing and recording this vid! Hope you guys like it!
  15. The_Name's_Alex

    Just hit 20 subs!

    I know it's not a huge milestone, but it is nice to see my channel grow a little bit!
  16. The_Name's_Alex

    1000 Subscribers! :D

    Nice job man! You are one of the few that have made it that far hope to see you grow more!
  17. The_Name's_Alex

    Rocket League | Winning 10-1 (part 2)

    Winning by that much should make me a pro gamer. Right?
  18. The_Name's_Alex

    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Part 1)

    T.A.B.S. Is a game I would recommend to all youtube lets players. It is a fun game and free!
  19. The_Name's_Alex

    Need A Female for a Gaming Group

    Put that on your tomb stone lmao.
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    How many is too many playlists on channel page?

    I like to keep it under 5 honestly