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  1. TheSilverFox

    Premium The Silver Fox Gaming

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: The Silver Fox Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 14/05/2015 Partnered with Network?: Yes, BBTV Amount of Videos on Channel: 31 Total Subscribers: 192 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 2178 Channel Description...
  2. TheSilverFox

    The Silver Fox Gaming

    Hey! I'm Joe, 20 years old, and a gaming addict it's fair to say. My latest video on becoming a premium member is episode 1 of my Fallout 4 Let's Play! Hope you enjoy the channel, I'm always researching into how to grow my channel and create better content!
  3. TheSilverFox

    Xbox 360 Looking for collabs, good quality, great banter!

    Game: Fifa 16 / GTA 5 / COD BO3 / Star Wars Battlefront Platform: Xbox One Number of People: 1+ Timezone: GMT +0 (London) Age: 20 Mission: Create high quality content, and give both channels a boost, also would be my first collab so something new for my channel! Subscribers: 124 Link to...
  4. TheSilverFox

    100 down, 9900 to go! Q&A!

    I hit 100 subscribers today! Thanks to any of you guys on here who subscribed to me and anyone who has helped me develop my channel, there's still a long way to go to my goal of 10,000 but I have a lot to learn and much to offer! I am going to upload a Q&A with my girlfriend tomorrow...
  5. TheSilverFox

    BURTON ALBION CAREER #1 - FIFA 16 - First video of 2016! Thoughts?

    Hey guys! Just wanted a little feedback on my new series, I had to keep kinda quiet for this video which is a shame but the following episodes will have more energy. Would love some signing / training suggestions! Cheers, TSF.
  6. TheSilverFox

    YouTube intro needed ££

    Hi, I need an intro to my channel (and a whole new design actually!) I will mainly be playing FIFA but possibly other games and real life stuff too. Let me know if you can help, Cheers! Joe
  7. TheSilverFox

    Birmingham City Career! FIFA 15 #2

    Let me know what you think guys :D
  8. TheSilverFox

    100 subscribers goal! The Silver Fox!

    I've wanted 100 subscribers since I started, just to hit 3 digits. If you could check out my channel and, if you enjoy my content and want to see more, subscribe! If you don't, let me know why and if there's anything I can do to improve I will try my best to do so! At 100 subscribers I'm going...
  9. TheSilverFox

    The Silver Fox

    Feel free to check out my channel, Channel Name: The Silver Fox Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 14th May 2015 (First vid uploaded on 21st) Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 12 Total Subscribers: 58 Amount of Total Views on Channel:362...
  10. TheSilverFox

    50 Subscriber Q&A with my girlfriend! Need questions please!

    Hey guys, yesterday I hit my target of 50 YouTube subscribers! Thanks to everyone who has helped and checked out my channel, I really appreciate it! I want to tell you guys more about me than I revealed in my #ThePersonBehindTheGames so if you have any questions for me and my girlfriend please...
  11. TheSilverFox

    Foxy FIFA 15! | Ultimate Team RTD1 | #2 | NEW TEAM!

    I GOT A NEW TEAM! Check it out and let me know what you think, thanks :)
  12. TheSilverFox

    FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - RTD1 - #2 - My luck turns...

    Leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe if you want to see more! I need a new team, any suggestions? Let me know in the comments Thanks :)
  13. TheSilverFox

    FOXY FIFA! Road To Division 1 #1

    Episode 1 of my Fifa series, let me know what you think in the comments :) Thanks guys!
  14. TheSilverFox

    20 Subscribers!

    Hi guys! It's been just over a week and I've hit the 20 subscriber mark! I know this is only a small achievement but it feels massive to me as I really want to get my videos out to more people and connect with people like myself. This forum has helped me so much and the community is great, I'd...
  15. TheSilverFox

    Xbox One Fifa 15 / CoD AW / GTA

    Game: Fifa 15 / CoD AW / GTA Platform:Xbox One Number of People: Varies Timezone: British Summer Time Age: 18+ Mission:Create some good content and have a laugh! Subscribers: 18 Link to Channel:
  16. TheSilverFox

    The Person Behind The Games | The Silver Fox

    Started by @Belcoot - Hope you enjoy guys!
  17. TheSilverFox

    GIRLFRIEND CHALLENGE - What's in my mouth?!

    Title says it all.. we had a lot of fun making this! Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment with a suggestion for next weeks challenge!
  18. TheSilverFox

    Name Change

    Current Username: Brummiejoe New Username: TheSilverFox Reason: I shortened the name 'BrummieJoe' and didn't want it to be BJ so I've set up a new channel under the name - 'The Silver Fox'. As I'm active in this forum I wanted to change it here too just to people knew who I was on youtube if...
  19. TheSilverFox

    After 4 years I'm back!

    Hey guys! I introduced myself the other day and said I would pop back when I made my first video.. Well.. it's up! Can you let me know what you think? I know there's a lot of improving to do so would help a lot. After a few days of being here I know I'm sticking around - best community...