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  1. TheSilverFox

    Xbox One - Collaborations

    How come you require an active fanbase when you don't really have one? I looked as it was Xbox One but I'm too old haha! I don't have a very active fanbase either
  2. TheSilverFox

    Premium The Silver Fox Gaming

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: The Silver Fox Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 14/05/2015 Partnered with Network?: Yes, BBTV Amount of Videos on Channel: 31 Total Subscribers: 192 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 2178 Channel Description...
  3. TheSilverFox

    The Silver Fox Gaming

    Hey! I'm Joe, 20 years old, and a gaming addict it's fair to say. My latest video on becoming a premium member is episode 1 of my Fallout 4 Let's Play! Hope you enjoy the channel, I'm always researching into how to grow my channel and create better content!
  4. TheSilverFox

    Daily Upload for Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

    Let's Play Fallout 4: Episode 1! It's A Trap! Would love some feedback on this if possible, thanks!
  5. TheSilverFox

    Xbox 360 Looking for collabs, good quality, great banter!

    Game: Fifa 16 / GTA 5 / COD BO3 / Star Wars Battlefront Platform: Xbox One Number of People: 1+ Timezone: GMT +0 (London) Age: 20 Mission: Create high quality content, and give both channels a boost, also would be my first collab so something new for my channel! Subscribers: 124 Link to...
  6. TheSilverFox

    Xbox One Looking to collab for FIFA 16, GTA etc

    Hi mate, I'm down for all those games, I mainly play FIFA. Channel's linked below - if you fancy it we could do some clubs or drafts, anything like that! Cheers
  7. TheSilverFox

    100 down, 9900 to go! Q&A!

    Thanks Scavenger! Yeah I've just started up this new year and I've been waiting to see what I can offer before committing to a schedule as I work full time too, I am going to do an episode of each FIFA series per week, and a lets play on a Friday or something but I'm now sure whether to do...
  8. TheSilverFox

    400 subscribers

    Congrats Fudgy! You deserve it, keep going and hit that 1K!
  9. TheSilverFox

    100 down, 9900 to go! Q&A!

    I hit 100 subscribers today! Thanks to any of you guys on here who subscribed to me and anyone who has helped me develop my channel, there's still a long way to go to my goal of 10,000 but I have a lot to learn and much to offer! I am going to upload a Q&A with my girlfriend tomorrow...
  10. TheSilverFox

    Daily Upload for Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

    EP 2 OF SKINT ROAD TO GLORY! This one's a good'n, love making this! Please comment some player suggestions!
  11. TheSilverFox

    This beautiful game only gives you a few minutes to live.

    I feel that way too, watching mine back at the minute I know there's a lot of work to do. And I've had a cold filming my first couple of episodes so that didn't help! But I always look for ways to improve so can't wait till I'm a few months in :) Good luck!
  12. TheSilverFox

    Daily Upload for Thursday, January 7th, 2016

    Brand new series!
  13. TheSilverFox

    This beautiful game only gives you a few minutes to live.

    Great commentary Behrman! I was watching this a while after I clicked on the link from DamnLag, and I genuinely thought it was a main youtuber. With commentaries like that and great games to showcase like this one you will be quite successful on Youtube imo. Subbed!