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  1. Ricardo Aguilar

    Destiny, division for ps4

    Hi. My name is ricardo and im looking for some people to play these game with. Will me and my girlfriend are looking for people to play with. If your interest hit me up on psn. Chewbacca704
  2. Ricardo Aguilar

    ps4 gaming group!

    Hi. My name is Ricardo. me and my girlfriend (Catherine) are looking for a good group of people to play games with. i once was working on a youtube channel but we wanted to work on one together. we dont have videos up right now but we still wanted to get a group set up and work with people and...
  3. Ricardo Aguilar

    Chewie Plays: Don't Touch Me - Smite

    Check out my newest smite video. i find it so very funny like, comment, subscribe.
  4. Ricardo Aguilar

    Newbie Plays: Goat for Broke - Goat Simulator

    Anyone that hasnt played the goat simulator yet should check it out. its stupid fun like, comment, subscribe/
  5. Ricardo Aguilar

    Welcome To Free2BeGaming

    Channel Trailer. I hope you like it Like Comment Subscribe!
  6. Ricardo Aguilar

    Chewie Plays: Smells like team spirit (Part 1) - Left 4 Dead 2

    our team work is amazing! @Crimson Plum & Viridian @DizzyD @Pantypool Like, comment, subscribe.
  7. Ricardo Aguilar

    Fatty Plays: I'M THE BEST! - Left 4 Dead 2

    Check out this left 4 dead 2 gameplay that Fatty did. i hope you enjoy it Like comment and subscribe.
  8. Ricardo Aguilar

    Chito Plays: Rocket League 1V1

    lol i had a blast watching my homie @Claudio Eduardo Bardales play this game of Rocket League! Like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!
  9. Ricardo Aguilar

    Newbie Plays: MLG - is one of these games you cant get sick of lol Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed the video.
  10. Ricardo Aguilar

    Chewie Plays: Throwing Heals For Days - Ft Warped Nemesis and friends - Smite

    Had a blast collaborating with @Warped Nemesis. had a blast! I hope you enjoy! like and subscribe if you enjoy
  11. Ricardo Aguilar

    Chewie Plays: THE BABYS RIGHT THERE! - Dead Realm - Ft PantyPool, LuigisGhost04, Ser349Games

    This game was so much fun! playing with these amazing people helps so much! @Pantypool, @Claudio Eduardo Bardales and many other non damnlag members Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed the video
  12. Ricardo Aguilar

    PC Dead Realm Collabs tonight. Join us

    Game:Dead Realm Platform:PC Number of People:4 Timezone: 9:00pm tonight Age:21 Mission: Have funny and play a game with friends and awesome people Subscribers: 67 Link to Channel: We are trying to have a good game of dead realm, have fun...